What is Fallback procedure?

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What exactly is a "Fallback" procedure. I was going through FFIEC some controls, and one of them mentioned- "Fallback procedures should exist for all proposed changes across Applications".


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    I imagine its rollback (in my terminology) how you get back to where you were in the event of failed rollout
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    Correct. This is part of Change Management. You plan to change something. Fall back is how you revert that failed change and go back to your original state. Per ISO 27001:

    Procedures for aborting and recovering from unsuccessful changes shall be documented. Should the outcome of a change be different to the expected result (as identified in the testing of the change), procedures and responsibilities shall be noted for the recovery and continuity of the affected areas. Fall back procedures will be in place to ensure systems can revert back to what they were prior to implementation of changes.
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    Rollback=revert a software update
    Fallback=revert to a system or application that was to be replaced

    Example 1:
    Application XYZ version 1.2 is upgraded to 2.0. However a severe bug is detected and the software is rolled back to its previous version

    Example 2:
    Application XYZ is being replaced with application ABC. However during roll-out a severe bug is detected and fallback is done to XYZ
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