70-410 - Passed

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I finally got off my butt and took this test. Scored a 928, so I probably spent a little too long studying for this one. I failed 70-412 the first time, so I spent a lot more time on my weaker areas for 70-410. For an experienced Windows Server professional, I found this test much easier than the 412.

I focused on IPv6 syntax and subnetting; Hyper-V - mainly all of the options for the VM hardware, the differences between gen1 and gen2, and Hyper-v networking; server migrations; things that have changed in Storage since 2003; Remote Management; and how to do all of the AD, DNS, DHCP, Security, File/Storage, etc tasks that I have been doing for years, but with PowerShell or other command line utilities.

I used work experience, labbing up a domain using VM Workstation (using TechNet to walk through many of the knowledge domains from the exam blueprint), various YouTube videos, and Transcender practice tests to prepare.

Working on 70-411 now. I want to have that one knocked out before Christmas, so that I can roll right into the Windows 2016 training that I will be taking in January and hopefully knock out the 2016 upgrade test while much of this is still fresh.
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    Nice score! congrats!
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    Congrats buddy! Glad to hear. I'm also trying to knock out the 70-411 by Christmas...so I'm right there with you. I need to get rolling myself.

    Best of luck!
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    blargoe wrote: »
    I focused on IPv6 syntax and subnetting

    I'm currently studying for it and you reminded me I still have to go over this stuff and memorize it. How many questions of that would you say are on the test? Since I have no experience in IPv6. We are still IPv4. My test is this Thursday but I've memorized all the other topics you said except IPv6
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    You really need to go back and look at IPv6. I might have had 4-6 questions. A quick and dirty resource would be the Wikipedia article on IPv6 for the fundamentals. Knowing the FE80::/64 is the link-local (like APIPA for IPv4) might be worth a few points, and knowing how many /64 networks can be created in a given network block would be something good to know. Also recognize the transition protocols like Teredo and 6to4 (I might have had a question or it may have just been on the practice test I took, I don't remember!)

    Good luck!
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    Recent: 2/2019 - Updated VCP to 6.5 (just a few days before VMware discontinued the re-cert policy...)
    Working on: RHCSA 7, learning Ansible
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    That's awesome ... Great job i'm studying for the 411 myself too. I notice the material is getting a little harder and lab from Pluralsight. A lot of powershell commands. I'm giving myself other 1 month before taking the exam. Getting a little nervous about it.
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    Congratulations, that's a significantly difficult task.
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