Passed Server+

jasojaso VCP-DCV 2020, CompTia Server+, CCNA CyberOps, CCENT, MTA: NFMember Posts: 40 ■■■□□□□□□□
I'm soooo happy that I have passed this exam. My score was 854.

I have been preparing for it very thoroughly, but recently I had to speed up the process (like catch up with everything in 2 days lol), because of the possibility of earning Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship, where this exam can serve as one of the prerequisites. Used mostly Pluralsight and Google :) - I was making notes on my "blog" here - it is not complete, just section for Server Architecture, Storage and Security. Server Administration is finished by 30%.

I'm working in this field around 4 years now and the objectives perfectly cover all aspects of my current job position - and I knew vast majority of the topics already. That was the main reason why I chose this certification.

The exam itself... I really didn't expect it so hard - after first 10 questions I thought it will be a disaster - the wording of some questions in combination with the answers presented was so confusing. I had it easier for the time part - as a non native speaker I had 2 hours for the exam itself, so I flagged every question for revision, when I wasn't 100% sure with the answer (got like 30 of them flagged at the end), then re-read the flagged questions again carefully and it really helped for more than 10 questions out of the 30.

All the recommendations were mostly said here - RAID, ports etc. I would just add - know the theory of troubleshooting and methodologies very well. I didn't have time to study for it and had to "guess" most of this stuff (troubleshooting in general) - I think I was able to answer correctly after all based on my experience and by elimination of answers, which didn't make any sense, but I could really spare some nerves if I would study more this section :).

Good luck!


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