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I passed the 301 test back in 2013 and was working on renewing it with the CASP, but life got in the way and my Sec+ expired.    Fast forward to 2019 and I decided I wanted to renew and it would be easier to take the 501 than try for the more advanced tests.   

I've been a tech at a small shop dealing with small business clients for the last 18 years, but our clients are small enough that we don't deal directly with most Sec+ subjects all that often.  That makes it tough to retain the details, but I have an interest in the material so I enjoy studying it when I have the time and energy.

As most have done, I digested Darril's 501 book the same way I did with his 401 book and was scoring 90% or better on all the free practice tests I could find.  I skipped Messer's vids this go-round, although I watched them all before taking the 301 a hundred years ago. I also have been a Security Now podcast listener for many years... which helps keep my vocabulary up to date.

Good news.. scored 817 and am now Sec+ again.

Bad news....  Holy  #$@*+,  COMPTIA tests have evolved while I was away.

I honestly felt I guessed on half the questions (educated guess).  The material was familiar enough, but the format of most of the practice exam questions I took felt terribly out of date compared to the actual questions.  The modern questions are much more geared to applying the knowledge than knowing the definitions.  That's a good thing, but I felt very unprepared and was seriously concerned about throwing $300+ on the floor..   LOL

All I can say is.....  Do Darril's labs, play with the software tools, read some log files, and sleep with your book under your pillow!

Best of luck..

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    Congrats! I'm taking mine in September and......honestly I'm scared. hahahaha! Like you I have the Darril Gibson book I have been going through and I'm about to purchase his online content and go through that as well.
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    Good to know about CompTIA exams. It's been a while since I've taken one as well. 

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    Congrats on passing, I would love to know more about the "software tools" you mention if you wouldn't mind elaborating.  I hav ebeen looking for virtual labs geared toward the Security+ 501 exam and so far have come up empty.  Thanks in advance.
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    Does anyone lab for these exams?  I read some people only study the material, take the exam and pass.

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