Question about Managing Partner and Title

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Just curious how you would list Managing Partner and your role/title or would you just keep managing partner.  Right now I have Managing Partner | Sales Engineer.  


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    I would personally just leave it as a Managing Partner, or Managing Director, I wouldn't list "sales engineer". Think when you expand, you will hire Sales Engineer so I see it as a different title.
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    Not so sure that it matters, but I think the question is do you want to be seen as specializing in a particular area of the business or not? 

    And maybe how your partners are listing their titles.  If you go into a big meeting with a possible client and your other partners, if the other partners business cards give more specialized titles they might be seen as go-to's for those areas and you may not.  Even when you say "and I handle sales" will they remember that in 3 weeks when they're looking at all your business cards to see which of you to call.

    That's just a thought, though.  In general I think it makes very little difference and you should probably just use what makes you smile! :)
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    Thanks for chiming in both of you.  Going with just managing partner.  No reason to list anything else......

    Follow up.  As we work through these RFP's I have a feeling I will be changing my role as needed.   Sales Engineer, PM, etc....
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