EJPT done

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One more done.. 

I had bought the elearnsecurity eJPT in late 2019 before knowing I will go to SANS Sec560 class (GPEN), so this class had sit for a while. I review the material and did the exam. It's a nice exam, you have to hack some VM/network and answer some multiple-choice question. So it is all hands-on, a bit basic, but don't get fooled, it really test the basics of pentesting (recon, nmap,  basic metasploit, pivoting, web app etc..). You have 3 days to complete the test. I took something around 9-10h, but I lost a lot of time on trying to root a box before choosing to find an alternative way. 


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    Hey congrats Steve! From what I remember reading, this is one down out at how many you have planned this year? I know you have like 3 years INE subscription now too. 
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    Thanks @chrisone

    Yes it is one done in my overly ambitious 2021 plan.  OSCP may be replaced by eCPPTv2 as I have the INE subscription already.. and there is much overlap. Currently I have 2 projects, eCPPTv2 and my background reading are in the CISM/CISA area (an addition to the 2021 plan), so I may be added. 

    Still waiting for budget approval and better COVID condition for GCIH, I prefer to go in-person for a 7K$ class.
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