a+ practice - when is enough?

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I have a certificate in pc maintenance and have been studying these practice tests, along with a+ for dummies (book & cd), also practice tests called shredder. I am scheduled next friday & saturday. does anyone know if all of this about covers all bases in preparing for the tests? icon_eek.gif I am exhausted.


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    If you've studied that much, and the test is that close, stop worrying. I passed both of my exams yesterday, and to tell the truth, it isn't that hard. The passing score is only about 52% right now, so passing really isn't anything to worry about. Just get a bunch of practice exams and make sure that you score atleast an 80% on all of them. Then you'll be ready to not only pass the exam but do well on it as well. The last thing I did before leaving the house to go take the exams was to take a couple of practice exams. This gets your mind working in a test taking mode, and passing the practice exams also boosts confidence. Just relax, and enjoy your test.
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    icon_cool.gif believe it or not
    i only studied for 3 weeks for both the core and os
    it was intense i didnt drop a book once
    when i finally took the exam i was finished in ten minutes
    i even got accused of cheating
    all the same the test was easy i think i studied a bit too much[/b]
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    sounds like you should pass okay, though the term "shredder" sounds familiar. i seem to recall a test engine with a similar name a few years ago that used questions and answers lifted from brain **** - be careful, anything taken from **** is unreliable - true, the latest objectives may not have been tested long enough for a sizable question-pool to be available, but you never know.
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