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Wanting to take the CompTIA i-Net Certification next month, currently in the process of purchasing study materials. Any recommendations? I have used materials from Sybex and Microsoft Press in the past, however the for the i-Net+ study guide from Sybex, I have came across reviews that said the book was riddle with errors. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Way back when I took the exam, I used the Sybex book.

    Frankly, I had prepped for my NET+ and the day I completed that exam, I came home and opened the iNet+ realized there was a bunch of overlap at that time and scheduled the exam.

    So, between NET+ and the 1 iNet+ book, that was all I used.

    Have you looked at the objectives? Perhaps follow through those and use the book plus the web to fill in the gaps. You can always check for errata.
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