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I recently passed the ccna exam, (help for which was received from the information on this website, so thankyou all) and I'm a bit confused as to Cisco's information regarding the use of their logo's. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? I want to know can the logo be used on a CV?



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    I think you can. I've used my MS logo's (MCSD,MCP) on my CV. And I've seen many people use CompTIA (A+,Net+,etc) on theirs. So I guess Cisco (CCNA,CCNP,etc) isn't any different.
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    when you passed your CCNA, you can go to the certification track on the cisco site. There is a link that refers to the logos you can use when you pass.

    I think you can't use the cisco logo or a cisco academy logo but I believe there is a CCNA logo.
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    You can use your CCNA logo on your CV or Business card, the rules are basically its not allowed to be altered in any way, size etc, and you are supposed to make a ref to the copyright notice. Using it on Ebay etc or a logo on here would be in breach of the rules for using your CCNA logo
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    If I remember correctly, you can use it on personal web sites only, so if you have a home page with a resume or an about me page or anything like that, you would be allowed to put it online as well.
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    Excuse my ignorance but, what's a CV?
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    A European word for Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
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