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Yes Sir, I received a job offer for a Systems Administrator managing a Win2003/exchange server, VPN, 100 local users and 2500 Ethernet ports at 3 off site locations from 3 T3's...They offered to pay for my certs, training and school (if I wanted it) and they mentioned me learning Cisco and all the hardware & software is new...I would be under an IT Director that is really cool...I'm just nervous about moving jobs and quitting a secure job as a systems admin in this lovely economy but I also know what a H$%l of a opportunity it is. I guess I got to put on the old poker face and play.


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    Also get everything in writing. What do they expect from you?

    What hours are you keeping? Are you on call? If you on call do you get on call pay?

    What is the milage that they pay for your car.

    Can I get a company car?

    How about paying for my highspeed data so that I can VPN into the work site.

    Also if your going to let me go what release package should I expect if any?

    Healthcare? (You married?) What does the healthcare look like? If it sucks than think long and hard about it. Childcare? How about IRA and stocks?

    These are real questions. BTW, I would expect the low 60s
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    Well good luck on your decision! Congrats on the job offer
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    Great news!

    Did you go through an agency or did you do it on your own?

    Sounds like a super opportunity - congrats to ya!!!!

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    NICE MAN!!! Go for it...hey let me know if they have another position Them paying for your school is a big PLUS right there. School cost these days is out of control.
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    24 Hours in a day...24 Beers in a case...Coincidence?
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    I decided to go ahead and do it, I was having a hard time conviencing myself it was a good decision considering where I work now said they could help me out and raise pay, but ultimately they said they cannot afford to match that pay...So it is what it is..
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    Change N it up a tad! Alright! Good luck
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    Congrats, garv221!
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    garv221 by anychance are you going to be needing a junior admin? icon_wink.gif
    Theres JUSToneBOBBY!
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    garv221 by anychance are you going to be needing a junior admin? icon_wink.gif

    If we do, I will let know! :D
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    Thank you ever so much!!
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