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I took the net+ today and got a 780 score, so I am satisfied with that. I know I could have done better, but some simple stuff that I knew went completely out of my head at the time.

The tech notes special edition were a major part of my study and so I recommend them to anybody who is currently studying to take it.

I would give you an overview of the types of questions asked, but to be honest I can't really remember them.


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    Nice job and congrats. How did you find the test compared to the A+ test?
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    amystri wrote:
    Nice job and congrats. How did you find the test compared to the A+ test?

    If you were confident about passing A+, Net+ shouldn't be that difficult.
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    ***Awsome and Congratulations*** I could only hope, that I do as well as you just did, when I take my Network+ exam.
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    for me net+ was a breeze in comparison to a+, I think because its not as broad and its based on concepts and not remembering specifics like CPU socket types and IRQ's and RAM types etc
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    Before taking the test I felt the same as I did on the A+, not sure that I was really ready to take it, but also knowing that I knew the material at the same time. During the test I felt a lot more at ease and found most of the questions straight forward. There were a couple of times that I came across a question where the answer was easy but just couldn't remember what it was which annoyed me at the time.

    One question I do recall was to do with the wirings of an rj-45 plug and was rather glad that one came up because I really worked hard on remembering which wires went where.

    I only wish they would show you which questions you got wrong as I would be interested in that.
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