70-238 Farewell...Finally

Finally....MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator. I have been implementing and deploying Exchange 2007 since it came out. Again... experience is the best factor. I felt confident enough to tackle this exam immediately following the 70-237. {You know since the second free shot is back.} :)

This is by far the hardest of the 3 exams for Exchange 2007. I was sure the screen was going to say "failed" after hitting that dreaded "finish" button. But low in below I passed. This has been a interesting 3 months with this MCITP track.

Ok seriously now....back to the CISSP!! :)
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  • blargoeblargoe Self-Described Huguenot NC, USAMember Posts: 4,174 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Awesome... congratulations!
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  • ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    Congrats! 237 and 238 in the same week must have meant a lot of studying in the weeks prior.

    Thanks for the book recommendations in your previous thread. I picked up the MS Press 237 and 238 books (although it's a little late to pick up the 236 book since my test is Friday).

    Good luck with the CISSP!
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