Sims on the 290

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Anyone care to share their exam experience? Particularly what kind of sims they got, Ive been putting off this exam for two years now. I work with 2k3 everyday, and a great portion of my course study in college revolved around it so I think I'm well prepared but could use some reassurance...
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    I can remember one of my sims dealing with permissions, and one with group policy. I think if you find anything more detailed than that then you're dancing on the line of the NDA.
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    This exam was by far the easiest on the MCSA/MCSE track. I wouldn't sweat it too much if you have put in proper study time and have experience.
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    No worries on the SIMs. They do not go too deep. Just take your time, read the question slowly and carefully, and focus on completing the required tasks. Do no let them scare you away from taking this exam, go for it. Set up a lab at home at make sure you are familiar. Even though you are working with W2k3 you will still need to prepare on your own. Good Luck!

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    I agree with most people on here in that the sims don't go in too deep. The sims mostly deal with permissions and placing users in the right groups.
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    I think sims were the easier than non-sim questions.
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