SSH/SFTP software for Windows !!!

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SSH (SECURE SHELL)..........................

SSH is a service like telnet which allows you to run commands on a remote device. However the downside of Telnet is that it does not encrypt the packets, so if someone is packet sniffing in your network they can easily receive every single information that has being sent out like user/password etc. With SSH all of the packets will be encrypted !!!

Download link:

For more information visit freeSSHd and freeFTPd - open source SSH and SFTP servers for Windows


SFTP is a service that is used to read and write files on a remote server just like like ftp except ftp does not encrypt the packets like sftp.

Download link for SFTP server:

Download link for SFTP client software:

It is simple to install and configure these services. For more information and a tutorial visit

FreeSSHd A Free SSH Server For Windows


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    Uh. Okay? I assume that most people on this forum would know what SSH is.

    Freesshd appears to be using portions of OpenSSL but don't advertise that fact even though they're supposed to. The actual OpenSSL version isn't known either and there have been bugs/security issues with older versions. Source code isn't available for freesshd either. There are better alternatives for Windows and I'd avoid it personally.
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    I use WinSCP for SFTP, works very well and its free
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    +1 for WinSCP
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    I also use WinSCP. For just SSH and Telnet, both Tera Term and Putty work fine.
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    Filezilla also has a couple secure FTP options I believe.
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    +1 for Putty & WinSCP
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    putty/filezilla/winscp for clients.
    if you need a windows ssh server: copssh - OpenSSH for Windows | ITeF!x

    best free one ive seen.
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