what is the best Jump Drive to get

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Since at school they dont let me install programs because of the limited rights. I want to get a Jump Drive to get around that since those guys come with their own operating system and have a good amount of space

I want to use Bittorrent to download music and movie files

I dont which companies make the best ones. Do you guys have any suggestions??

If not what about those portabable USB hardrives??
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    I have a 1 gig sony. PNY is good, I also have a 70 gig Maxtor usb drive for Ghosting.
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    I have a 1 gig QuickiDrive... I don't know about them having their own operating system (you can usually make them bootable). Once you get one, slip a MAME installation on it. With ROMS it weighs in at ~150k.. now I can play Millipede anywhere :)

    I also have a 40 gig portable USB drive, used for data transfers when I deploy new machines at work (quicker than dumping it across the network, simpler than configuring a crossover cable). For that I just bought a 2.5" 5400 RPM Samsung drive and an external case to put it in. Cost under $100 from newegg.com and about 3 minutes to assemble it. Very nice that it is bus powered and fits in my shirt pocket.
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    You're not going to be doing much torrent action if your school has the ports blocked. Some do.
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    thanks for the info guys. Im going to check them out.

    Im in Georgia Tech, I do have to check it out though if they have the ports blocked or not. BitTornado is a different interface client that allows you to choose different ports. Im going to see how that works out.

    thanks again
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