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Score was 567, not great, but since I really don't like learning about old software that I'll never use, I'm happy I passed. I used A+ Complete, the 80/20 Guide, The A+ Exam Guide and the free test practice sites. None of which I thought were very good. If I had it to do over, Mike Meyer's book keeps getting mentioned as a good study guide. Most of my questions were either 98 or 2000 related, almost none on XP. A lot on files, where things are stored, and attrib stuff. Had to mark several for review as it wasn't clear what they were asking, or I had just never seen the issue before. Of all the electronic tests I've taken, the OS exam gave me more headaches than any other. I'm glad its over.


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    Congratulation. If i may ask, what is the next? and have you done the A+ core?
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    I have done the A+ core, which was much more of a fun time than OS. I'm looking into Net+ right now to see how difficult it is and what study materials are available. If its anything like the OS, I'll stop right here. And you?
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    Congratulations :)
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    congrats, I also passed the OS today with a 660. I underestimated OS since I got a pretty high score on the Core. Some questions were pretty difficult, i couldn't tell the difference between bootfix and fxmbr and whether ESD is bootable. I use the Meyer all in one book. On to N+ and currently taking CISCO semester one.
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    Congrats icon_exclaim.gif well done, a pass is a pass icon_wink.gif
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    Congrats to flyted and JohnRedcorn!

    Best of luck for future certs!
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