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Hi guys we are currently using linksys as a business solution, and I've configured roaming assigning each AP on a different channe and identical SSID it seems to work since I can walk from one end to end and my signal is 5 barsl, what I need to find out is when I roam I want to see which AP I am connected to instead of being in the dark, is there any tools that will give me this information something simple free if possible?



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    Do you have a smart phone? Tons of nice apps for this - I use WiFiFoFum for the iPhone - It'll give you MAC, channel info, and so on as your roam from AP to AP. While not free (it's $3), I'm sure that you can find something comparable that works with your phone.

    For the PC, NetStumbler works (and is free). It's been a while since I've used it but back in the day it was a tad flakey if you didn't use one of the few supported NICs.
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    Nice I just installed it on my Droid X hehe, going to see how this thing worls... network stumblr is having issue with my win 7 64 bit...
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    I had a hit-or-miss relationship with net stumbler on windows platforms for whatever reason.

    However the android applications for wifi finding are actually very accurate. Go for those.
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