Anyone done the 70-638 (OCS) exam?

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I plan to take the exchange 2010 exam soon, just looking into the unified messaging exam next. As work will be upgrading to ex2010 this year, no doubt they will want the extra goodies that come from Unified Messaging.

If anyone has taken the exam, what hardware is required for some home study?icon_cool.gif


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    I believe one of our members, royal, has. But he doesnt post often. Hopefully this thread will catch his attention.
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    thanks essendon, btw why arent you out working in your garden :P
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    647 on Thursday, need to get my act together and knock this sucker dead! The garden can wait...
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    Unified Messaging is a Server Role for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. OCS is a completely separate product that does not make up Unified Messaging. Perhaps you are getting Unified Messaging and Unified Communications confused. Again, Unified Messaging is an Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 Server Role that provides Voice Mail to PBX Systems. OCS and Lync provide a function called Enterprise Voice which provides Telephony capabilities and utilizes the Exchange Unified Messaging Server Role for voicemail. OCS provides IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing, and Telephony.

    The idea of all these different types of modalities being brought to together in the hands of a user and many of which can be provided in a single client is what Unified Communications is.

    As far as hardware required, probably 4GB of memory and 2-3 VMs. The exam (been a long time since I took it) focused mostly on the Front End Server and the Edge Server. I can't remember if it had much on the other roles but like I said, it's been a long time. The Edge may be too difficult to VM out due to its NIC requirements.
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