CCDA/CCDP and my first post...

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Hi all,

Been lurking for quite a while, starting a new job in quite a large network, probably a little out of my comfort zone but I find if I'm not challenged I don't learn as quick.

I finished my CCNP just before the new year, failed my ROUTE exam once and then went back and tackled it, what a beast!

Anyway, starting my CCDA/P discovery now, I have the OCG and have been reading, memorising anything is my weakest strength so I reckon this will be the hardest one.

Any tips for memory, other than writing it out on paper over and over!?



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    Have you tried flash cards?? Check out Flashcard Machine - Create, Study and Share Online Flash Cards
    I use this site for languages ;)
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    For practical knowledge use repetition.. For theoretical knowledge use a combination of flash cards, notes, and if you haven't tried these yet, mindmaps!

    Here is a sample from INE for CCIE studies:

    There are plenty of companies that produce this software you'll just need to find one that works for you (if you're interested).

    Believe it or not I'm also going back and working my way up the design tracks. Hoping to DA,DP,DE (written) by the end of this year.


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