Passed 70-270 today- Used CBT Nuggets w/Lab Book

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I passed my 70-270 today with 842. Failed it 2 weeks ago with a 648.
Do not use only the Microsoft Book to Study! Combine it with CBT training and I would use the Sybex book. I have only glanced the Sybex book but I wish I used it instead.

I have worked part time supporting end users since 1998, but needed to boost my knowlege of Server 2003, Group Policy to pass.

I set up my own Server 2003 system and 2 clients for use as lab.

The factor that effected my score most was the testing facility though. The first one I tried was noisy (outside the room). I tend to be a bit noise sensitive side and that combined with too little sleep cut my review time to nothing.

This time the testing facility provided ear protection, Very Cool!! And I took my time with the questions. The questions can be tricky, TAKE YOUR TIME.

My recommendations:
Setup your own lab with server 2003 or 2000 and at least one client.
Use Sybex Exam Cram Book or combine with Microsoft Book

I used CBT Nuggets for CBT training. These guys are awesome and the courses are pretty damn cheap. I used them with my Network+ traing as well and found them to be invaluable, worth every damn penny spent.


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    CONGRATZ dude.............
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    I spent over 2 months studying. I primarily used the sybex fast pass book till about a month ago when I freaked out and ordered a full version and postponed my exam 3 weeks.

    I also grabbed what I thought was a bunch of practice tests... Turns out they are brain **** material and pretty much covered the questions on the exam. Totally unexpected, but I also studied my ass off.

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    Which MS book are you saying do not use to study? There are like 5 books that cover 270. If you are referring to the 1st Edition 270 book, I completely agree, this book is woefully outdated, and to make it worse MS provides a link to this book off the 270 prep page. Makes me think they are trying to get rid of a book that was "overprinted".

    I am studying with the 2nd Edition (Sold the 1st Edition on and think it covers almost everything.

    I postponed my test for two weeks, still cramming in all the small details and taking practice tests.
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    I used the 2nd edition...
    It is pretty good, but not my style format I guess.
    Sybex book had more exam specific data in it, fills in the holes better.
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    Oh, and I didn't use CBT Nuggets till after I failed, used Nuggets to review the weak topics on the test, along with the Sybex book.
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