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    :) I have the joy of being in one, and a boss who thinks like this.

    I don't think this idea is really that radical, It has always shocked me how companies are happy to throw money at hard wear to solve issues, when really if they had the technical staff, and gave them a little time they would find the hardware they already have and applications they are running are more than capable of getting the job done.

    So in this job we work on making solutions rather than buying them. Spend money on a configuration back up tool and a server to run it on? Nah jsut write a script to do it for you. not only does it cost less, you can make it doe exactly what you want.

    I think the more commercial you go the less you see companies allowing people to play out this "hacker" position. But in the acdamic world so much is bespoke anyway that the culture runs over in to the generaly IT systems, and all our jobs have this side to them.
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    This might be the answer to a recent thread of mine. :D
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