Who has taken the 642-511 Exam?

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I know Mike is taking it on Tuesday, but has anyone else taken it yet? I ordered the Cisco Press book to start reading, but all of the reviews I have seen say the book is too outdated (published in 2003) for the exam. The Sybex book was published around the same time. I do think it's odd that Cisco hasn't redone this book, but oh well.

I have a 3000 Concentrator at work and some spare 3002 hardware devices to play with so that will help, but I was just checking to see if anyone else here has anything else to add.



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    I have taken it, back on January 9th. In my personal opinion it was the most difficult exam. I didn't have access to any VPN concentrators or clients though, so configuring the devices in the sims was difficult for me to navigate. Luckily passing on this bad boy is 790. I scored an 835. Practice configuring the concentrators and you should be fine. The sybex all-in-one ccsp book helped me.
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    Cool, thanks for the info!

    I already have a spare 3002 device put aside (in my desk) so I can play with it. I have access to our 3005 as well, but obviously I cannot confiure that!!!
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    Just be comforatable creating vpns (L2L, remote, EZVPN - since you are using 3002). Also familiarize yourself on the navigation of the concentrator. I think you could pass using the simulator, I used a single 3002 when I passed my exam and currently I'm still using it for an additional equipment for my lab exam.

    Good luck on your exams!
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