Struggling with mctip sa

I am using the ms press 2nd edition books and trainsignal - watched trainsignal and really enjoyed it and felt I learnt lots. Going through ms press 640 R2 book and struggling - some chapters are v good, for example group policy - liked it understood it. Onto DNS a subject which I think I know a bit about but I am reading a page and forgetting what I have just read/ not understanding it - has anyone else had this problem? Getting a bit stressed


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    Yes, especially in topics I have no experience i, such as AD-CS, AD-FS, AD_RMS, Trusts, etc. The thing that seemed to help the most is doing the labs over and over. That helps me see what I am trying to remember actually being applied. Also, I highly recommend looking in Technet to help fill the void. What I do is I do a Google search and add Technet to the search, such as DNS Technet, or 70-640 DNS Technet. The Technet library is extremely helpful for filling in the gaps and to help me understand items that the book is weak in.

    Good luck!
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    At some point all of us hit some roadblock where things just refuse to enter our brain. What I normally do is take a break and focus on something else. Once my frustration goes away I look for alternate resources. I always find some article or blog written from the man on the ground that definitely clicks and makes sense. It happened recently during my Lync deployment. Even after attending training and watching all kinds of videos some components didn't make any sense. It was only after a going through a few blogs that I was able to fill in the gaps.
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    My tidbit of anecdotal advice. On my 70-640 exam, I had questions that were not covered in the 70-640 MS-Press guide but were answered in the 70-642 guide. Multiple DNS specific questions I would have had correct if I looked over both books before taking the test. Neither Labsim, CTBNuggets, nor the Server 2008 unleashed material covered those question's material. (I still recommend the Server 2008 R2 Unleashed book for each exam)

    DNS is covered much better in the 70-642 book IMO. I suggest reading the relevant objective sections in all three of the MCITP:SA training books to get a better handle on the material. You will find answers for each exam overlapping between all the books not necessarily in the "correct" guilde.
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    640 is all about AD & DNS replication mate! Plus the questions are really really tricky! My suggestion will be to try out as many examples as possible in a home lab. Then take your time and go through Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed and some articles from Mark Minasi & others online.

    Worst case scenario (I actually did this as I was getting nowhere) complete the rest of the material and then start with the 642. Once you complete that you should be OK
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    I had the exact same problem with the DNS chapter in the MS press book, so i got another book. the WIndows 2008 r2 unleashed book and chapters on DNS helped me a ton. after that i re-read the ms press one and it made a lot more sense.
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