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So I past the A+ today, now seeing as this is my first certification what exactly do we get for passing?


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    Congratulations on the new cert!

    In a few weeks you will receive a certificate that says that you are a CompTIA A+ Certified Professional. Certificate is suitable for framing, of course. And, you will receive a wallet-sized ID card to carry with you.

    Also, in a few days after passing, you can go to the tech's site,, set up an account, be able to see the official results of passing a cert exam. You can also have these certs published to an employer, or potential employer, from here as the "official proof" of your having the certification.
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    CONGRATZ dude.....

    Janmike told you what to expect......
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    And man, was it a brain spanker. I never do as well on tests as I should, but at my age, I will take a pass of 680 (on the Core) and a 653 (on the OS) any day. Hey, I am just happy they didn't have any Tandy 1000HX or Basic programming questions!

    Anywho, thanks to all (even if you never heard from me, I definitely read everyones posts) and have a good one!

    On to N+ or something!
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