CHFI v8 Passed yesterday!

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Woot, passed with an 85%. Not to bad, not too good but it was such a weird exam and study experience I am happy to be done with it. icon_cheers.gif

I used the standard UCertify study sets and relied on knowledge gained from C|EH a few weeks ago. I have no real better advice to offer others on study material as it's been covered fairly well previously.

C|EH and CHFI cleared in 3 weeks, WOO HOO! Good luck to others, if there's any other questions folks have PM me when I have more time and I'd be happy to address questions that way (Not that I am an expert, just cert-ed and willing to help).



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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congratulations on your new cert! icon_cheers.gif

    I will be taking the course next year and for me it will be a new topic.

    Good luck with your future plans.
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    Wow, first person i've heard of going through the ECC MSS program, are your doing a review as you go through the program gabypr?
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    (Shh, nobody tell him it's not v8, but v7)
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    Congrats ITGENSPECIFIC....I also passed the CHFI v8 was a decent exam.
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    Any books that you guys recommend for using with this? I have access to ucertify and have just finished the CEH as well.
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    can anyone recommend any books for CHFI ...the official EC-council material costs close to $800 ...not sure if I can afford that much right now
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    Just use the Sybex for CEH book and get some hands on with the tools they mention during the course of your studies. The test is straight forward. The answers stand out.
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    @AnthonyF Would that also be applicable to the CHFI?

    Since this got a nice bump I figure i'll ask, any suggestions on CHFI study material. The iLab stuff is rather dry in the extreme, however the course mentor for WGU has no suggestions on a book.
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    Bump. Any advice on self study materials?
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    Dear All,

    Any advice would on preparation, practice tests as well as training material for CHFI?

    Feed back would much much appreciated and Thanks in Advance!
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