Ports 993, 995, 587, and 465

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Some well-known ports are as follows:
  • IMAP: 143
  • POP3: 110
  • SMTP: 25
Each of these protocols has two secure versions - one that uses the same port above (via STARTTLS) and another that uses different ports, as follows:
  • IMAPS: 993
  • POP3S: 995
  • SMTPS (or sSMTP): 587 (formerly 465)
Sources: Questions:
  • Do I have the above correct?
  • Anything you would add or clarify to enhance my understanding?
  • I'm just curious which of the above secure versions are typically used in practice?
  • Is it worth memorizing these ports for Security+ or the CISSP (my next cert)?
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