Thoughtrock vs ITILTrainingZone

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Hello TE,

I am in need of some advice. I’m looking to get my ITIL 2011 icon_study.gifFoundations completed in the next couple of weeks. I ordered Liz Gallacher’s ITIL Foundation book, but I also wanted to complement my studying with a quick online course. The two companies that I ran across on TE are Thoughtrock and ITILTrainingZone. Both are reasonably priced and both look equally good, so I am looking for some advice from folks out here that have experience with these companies (or if you have other suggestions).

After I pass the foundation exam, I plan to go further and hopefully get my ITIL Intermediate Cert (Service Operations or SS, Not a 100% sure yet). With this in mind, I’m looking for an online course that I can complete very fast, but I still need something that will help me to fully understand ITIL in depth (and not only pass the test), because I will need to go further than just the foundation.

Thanks all for the help.


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