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Is anyone who already has A+ Certification planning on taking any of the new exams to upgrade your status? I was just reading on CompTIA's site that there are 3 new parts to go along with what they now call A+ Essentials (which replaces Core). Anyway, I guess these new ones focus more on Help Desk with one exam and actual physical repair-work, bench work, on another. If you have A+, you don't need to take the Essentials part, just one of the other 3...then I wonder, could you call youself A+ and A+ Helpdesk (or whatever they'll call it) and have more certs to list?

Anyway, I'm just curious if any of the current A+ guys plan on upgrading or if they are not going to worry about this one... icon_confused.gif:
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    I will not do the new A+ unless it counts as another certification (i.e. - A+, A+ Network Support, etc).
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    There is no 'upgrade' so, no I will not be taking the A+ again.
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