Passed Hardware Today

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I just wanted to give a big thank you for this site. I passed my hardware today using this site and another site that gave decent test prep exam in pdf format (don't want to advertise other pages without permission). I have been out of the individual pc tech field for a few years now as I have gone to a network administrator job, so I had some rusty spots with some of the objectives. However, the site here really helped out, so I just wanted to give a good bit of thanks to the makers of this page.

I figured that A+ would be a good place to start, and after I get A+ out of my way, I'll probably be grabbing the i-net and net+ certs afterwards. After this, I'll probably start working on my CCNA.

My test seemed to ask a lot of ram questions that I didn't expect to see. Specific questions about specific types of ram were not difficult, but it wasn't on any of the test prep stuff I have seen.


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    Congrats! Good luck on the OS!
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