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I am not an networking expert by any means and I am having an issue thats seems to be zeroed in on hosts on a particular vlan. About every hour they will lose network connection. I am using dell 6248 switches stacked. When I flush the arp cache or remove all dynamic entries it comes back for them temporarily. Ive done a port mirroring sesh on a port that belongs to one of the pc's that continues to have the issue but dont know what to look for. Any advice? Ty in advance.

Edit: Ive done AV and malware scans on all pc's. All good there.


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    I'm not sure on the network side of things but are the PC's getting info via DHCP?

    Since you have mirroring enabled, sniff on UDP 67 & 68 to watch the communications between client and server.

    Is DHCP relay properly configured on the Dell switch (if client/server are different subnets)?

    What is being used for DHCP? What are the lease settings?
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    Can we get a running config of the dell stack? You can edit out IP's and passwords.
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    Thanks for the responses. Things have settled but it's because I have slowly moved these 9 users off the vlan one by one. We have an 03 domain controller where DHCP is setup. We have the hosts setup on this subnet for a one day lease. I did notice with one user that they kept getting an ip conflict message and when I rebooted or reenabled the nic, a new ip would not assign. Ended up throwing a static on it. Working on the running config it_consultant. Thanks
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    Sounds like you need to configure the DHCP helper address in the Dell stack for that VLAN.
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    lsud00d wow you spotted a resolution straight away
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