starting from the bottom...change in career. In need of some concrete advise!!!

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Good evening everyone,

Quick background...

I earned my Associate's in Computer Networking Technology in 2002, and interned as a help desk tech and did some IT consulting too. However I decided back then that I switch my career path to the science field. I earned my BSc in Chemistry/Biology and now I am currently working as an analyst in a laboratory. Long story short I have grown weary of my current situation, and I am seriously looking to returning to IT. Right now I am studying for the A+ certification and hopefully take the 801 before year end.

What are my chances of landing a help desk position, esp. for someone who's been out of the industry for so long?
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    Depending on what you need to make to survive I don't believe you'll have any issues. Help desk is largely about your communication skills. So in the beginning you might literally just submit the ticket, you'll eventually move further along.
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    OK. Thanks, that helps.
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    I think with the A+ and some experience in the show you should be fine, just be sure to play that IT experience hard on your resume...obviously don't lie but its way more important than your science focus career. Odds are you first job back will happen via IT recruiter and they search on job sites and linkedin for buzz words so make sure they are in your resume.
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    Agreed getting the A+ with your bachelors should get you in the door on the help desk.

    What type of technology did you use while working in the science field? Any programming with R, VBA or Python? Any heavy Excel or Access experience or maybe working with SQL server (MS, Oracle, Teradata, etc)? If you can answer yes to any of these you could possibly move into a IT / System analyst role and move on from there.

    I would think at the very least you would have heavy Excel skills working as an analyst.

    Follow back up and maybe we could come up with a plan to help you transition.
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    As a matter of fact I do have Excel and Access/SQL experience. I don't work heavily in Excel however. The Laboratory information management system (LIMS) is the database we use and its based in MS access and SQL.
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    Make sure to capture that information on your resume. I would look for System Analyst positions if you are interested in getting into a hard core IT position. Make sure to mention Access and SQL. Excel is nice but Access and SQL will get you much farther on a resume than Excel especially for a system analyst. Most systems back ends are database driven, if you have this knowledge you are already one leg up on a lot of the competition.

    You could even leave Excel off honestly and still be fine.
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    Thank you so much for the input, I'll be sure to properly highlight those skills on my resume. Is it ok to have an objective section on my resume or not? I've read its frown upon to have one. I ask because since I am looking towards a career change maybe IT recruiters may want to know that. So far this is what I have:

    "Seeking a Help Desk Support position that will effectively maximize my 4 years’ experience in data analytics, and running, maintaining and troubleshooting highly technical laboratory devices."
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