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I have been studying for the A+ for a couple of months now,
using Mike Meyers books and consolidating with Professor Messers videos,
l'm a MFD technician by trade so don't get a lot of exposure to PCs,
The main issue I am coming across is lots of the exam questions I'm finding online seem quite outdated, ie serial connectors,floppy drives,modems etc,
ive done the practice exams on this site and the ones on Comptia site,
does anyone know of any up to date exam questions locations ?



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    I cant speak for the 801 and 802 test. I took the 701 and 702. ***May not disclose content from your exam****
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    Try ExamCompass (free), and Mike's TotalSims for A+ (some free). I haven't tried it yet, but there's a free trial of CompTIA CertMaster for A+ (I'm planning to try the Network+ at some point).

    Hope it helps.
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    icon_cool.gif icon_study.gif I've been studing with ExamCompass and feel pretty good about my results, glade to know I'm not the only one looking at this as an up to date study option.
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    ExamCompass has a lot of good questions, not just for the A+, ***violating NDA content removed****.
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    Spkjmk wrote: »

    does anyone know of any up to date exam questions locations ?


    To be blunt, if you are looking for **** site, you are on the wrong forum, period.

    It sounds like you have used some good resources, Meyers text and objectives are usually plenty for folks with experience. If you don't have experience, get some. Lab, volunteer, practice, get a job, etc... do all you can do and grow your profession. Practice questions are not the way to prepare. Fine to use to assess how well you understand the content, but regardless of the IT topic, you need to 'do' the job, not spew answers to questions from memory.
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