What to do when you're not sure..what to do?

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Need some advice friends. I've been in IT for about 4 years and working mostly help desk or similar roles. Im in my second year or college planning on continuing for a BA in info. sys. I had net+ and sec+ but both are expired. I knew sec+ really well and taught it in the army so i thought cissp was the next step but i feel its more management stuff i dont have the technical experience for. (security jobs i have interviewed for dont care when i say im studying for cissp, they ask me techincal experience i cant answer) I picked up some mcsa videos and built a home server lab but that just seemed to bore me and i dont have any experience with servers. I thought about learning maybe networking with ccnet/ccna but just not sure if id like writing command lines all day?

I honestly dont know what i like in IT, or more which area? I dont want to do help desk (or my similar role is just requesting and tracking accounts -which the crazy part it pays $30/hr and "considered" IT Security).

So what do you like about the area of IT did you choose? What certs did or will you get? Any additional advice for me? Thanks!


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    Well maybe you need to look at another career. If MCSA bores you and unsure about Cisco cli I doubt you will like Linux. Also to take the CISSP you need job experience or a sponsor. Im not sure if you been advise that but im putting it out there.
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