CCENT Passed 12/4

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Hey everyone, just wanted to give my feedback regarding INCD1. Took the exam Friday and got a score of 935. Most of my studying came from CBT nuggets after reading Lammle's book. For subnetting there are various sites that generate random practice questions and just worked through those until I got comfortable. For those of you that are nervous going into the exam, I was the same. It was stressful trying to figure out if I'd studied enough but after getting to the exam, the questions seemed easier than I'd thought. Reading Lammle's book and watching cbt nuggets to fill in the gaps really helped. One tip for test takers, when you get to the exam you're given a dry erase board. I wrote down the powers of 2, the subnet masks and corresponding cidr notation, and things like that as reference charts. It saves so much time being able to glance at your chart for reference instead of counting and adding in your head. Don't forget you get 15 min before the exam where cisco reviews how questions on the test work and how to select answers. I used most of this time writing down reference charts and during the exam when presented with something that required knowing 2^8 or 2^9 or whatever, it helped being able to have things like that written down to prevent a careless error in a calculation or whatever. Good Luck to all future test takers, on to ICND2.


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    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your experience. I have mine scheduled for next week and keeping going back and forth on my preparedness level. Writing things out before the exam seems to bee the biggest thing mentioned by everyone. Planning on going the same route with a powers of 2, CIDR/subnet mask, and maybe multiples of 16 all written out.
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    Yeah this also helped me. I got 100% of my subnetting questions right. But your score was a lot better than mine!
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    toasterboy1 writing out multiples of 16 was another i forgot to mention. It helped a lot with not making a careless error. I think Cisco is aware that people make mistakes with multiples of 16 so having it is definitely a time saver.
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    Congrats Stu12, and good luck toasterboy1!
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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