IAPP - CIPP/IT Certification Renamed...

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Just got a email about this:

"This spring we will be announcing the Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) credential, which will replace CIPP/IT. More and more we have come to realize the significance of technology driving a culture of privacy within organizations. This name change represents the elevation of the CIPP/IT from a concentration within the CIPP program to its own recognized and respected credential.

Later this year we will be seeking ISO accreditation for the program, which means that the CIPT credential will have even greater value and recognition in the privacy field and beyond.

This name modification does not, in any way, change the designation you've earned. Even better, you will automatically become a CIPT; you don't need to re-test! Your CIPT credential will continue to serve as a demonstration of your understanding of privacy and data protection practices in the development, engineering, deployment and auditing of IT products and services, and will continue to be a significant distinguisher in the field."

The ISO accreditation is good as well. And admittedly, technology shouldn't be driving a culture of privacy - privacy should be driving technology.

Also, if you look at the CIPP/IT webpage - https://www.privacyassociation.org/certification/cipp_certification_programs/cipp_it - there is a blurb in the middle about a new textbook coming out in July, and the exams in June using the new body of knowledge.

How do I feel about there being a rename of this? Meh. It's OK. I've got the CIPM, CIPP/US, and CIPP/IT, so now that last would be CIPT. I don't have a strong opinion on it, other than it being a bit of a better distinguisher from the CIPP.


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