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This test doesn't get the credit or the attention it deserves. This is probably due to the test still being new and the Red Hat certs getting more attention. I have about 3 years in Linux experience and even then I felt I wasn't quite ready during the test. Linux Academy was my primary resource for study material. However, there was a few things like setting up Linux as a router, containers, and a few other topics that weren't discussed in depth. Scripting is something I'm still working on and there was quite a few questions on scripting. If someone has a solid background in networking, scripting, and some Linux experience then they'll do fine. It's definitely one of their harder exams and rightfully so. On a side note, the VMs during the practical exercises are seriously lacking. There's only but a handful commands that you can use and even then that may not be enough. Linux Academy is definitely worth the subscription but it's not enough to pass the exam. It's time to regroup and focus on CISM. 

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    So you did pass, right?  I thought about taking this again, as I took the beta for the newest exam & bombed it...I may have passed it under the old scoring model.  I think I will revisit it again soon, perhaps after the holidays.
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    Yes, I passed the test earlier today. The material from Linux academy was quite extensive, but there was some items that just weren’t covered. Now I wonder how the old exam format was like. The exam is challenging  but not impossible. The thing that hurts this exam is the lack of study material. I’m glad I finally knocked it out. 
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    Congrats on passing @charismaticx.
    Scarcity of material can be an issue for new exams but should improve with time. Having experience most certainly helps.

    Previous Linux+ format had two exams based on LPIC-1 with 60 questions each. The new Linux+ exam has a maximum of 90 questions which is 30 questions less than the older one.
    From a candidate perspective, probably less consuming taking one exam and earning the cert in comparison to two exams.
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    It really came down to cost when I was deciding which exam version I wanted to take. My employer will sometimes cover the cost but I got tired of waiting. It would of been nice to have the LPIC1, but I’m not too bummed out about it. Here’s to studying for CISM again. 
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    Congrats on the pass. I did mine before cutoff and did a bit of a writeup -
    The old test is probably what someone will get if they do the LPIC exam. The 2 exams were both quite challenging so I doubt Comptia would have made it easier considering there are other competing certs
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    The two in one deal really caught my eye, but my work wouldn’t cover the cost for the training or the exam. I got tired of waiting and decided I should bet on myself. I figured the cost of one exam was better than paying for two. 
    The newer exam was challenging and Linux Academy material over prepares you for the exam. A lot of the material that was covered in Linux Academy wasn’t even covered in the exam.  I’m certainly glad I got the exam knocked out. Now it’s time to focus on CISM. 
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    Congrats on the pass !! Good Luck on your CISM. 
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    It’s surprising how this exam lost a lot of attention when it switched to the new version. The exam is quite challenging and doesn’t get the credit it truly deserves. It’s too bad the two for one is no longer available. 
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