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Hello Everyone, I am looking for C# certification. I am confused between Programming in C# (Exam 70-483) and Programming in Microsoft C# - Exam 70-483 in Udemy, which one is better for fresher point of view. I have found this list from here. Can anyone suggest me or anyone here c# developer who suggest some tips also?


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    Looks the first describes the actual Microsoft cert itself, while the Udemy one preps you take the Microsoft cert. Not a C# developer, but I'd suggest spending that time instead of prepping for some (multiple choice) cert, spend the time creating a project for your portfolio so you can show your competence.

    If I were hiring a C# developer, I would be more interested in the candidate that has a portfolio of C# programs that demonstrate their skill, rather than the candidate that passed a multiple choice exam. You can't really make a portfolio to demonstrate the skillset involved in something like the CCNA, so the cert is a substitute. But with programming you absolutely can, and in my opinion, should.
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    There is a C# discord you should consider joining, and also consider the C# subreddit
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    Pluralsight has a C# course.  I’m not particularly interested kn C# development myself, but I started going through it to help me understand the C# .Net examples on Microsoft’s website so I could do similar things with .Net in powershell.
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