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  • CrossCross Posts: 234Member
    Very nice. This reminded me of my fourth semester in Devry year 2000.
    Very detailed and clear
    I'll change highways at the crossroads, I'm going only where I desire.

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    Thanks Cross! I'm currently working on the next one. It will cover the first 5 objectives of the Network+ exam (logical and physical topologies, network technologies, ethernet standards, connectors and how clients are added.) I'm half way there, just need to create 6 more network diagrams and 8 connector photos ;)... I hope to have it up before the end of the weekend.

    Johan :D
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    Ok, the next one in the Network+ series is ready: Media and Topologies (link is in the top post), covers almost everything in the first domain of the exam objectives. I'll write a separate TechNote about the other exam objective in that domain (1.6 network components.)

    Enjoy reading and let me know if you have any comments.

    Johan :D
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    I just finished another TechNote for the Network+ exam:

    Network Components, covers the main network devices, a small part about collision and broadcast domains as well as the basic characteristics of VLANs.

    I hope the network diagrams illustrating the collision and broadcast domains make sense icon_rolleyes.gif

    Next TechNote in line: TCP/IP protocols and their well-known ports (IP/TCP/UDP/SMTP/HTTP etc. etc.)

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  • NicodemusNicodemus Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    These Tech Notes are just outstanding !

    Thanks for all your efforts.

    - Nicodemus
  • AnthonyJD81AnthonyJD81 Posts: 187Member
    This is only my second post, as you can see, on this site. I have viewed over your tech notes and found them to be informative and easily understandable icon_thumright.gif to you icon_wink.gif

    I have just begun searching these forums for info and plan on recommending to many of my friends. I wish I would have found this site awhile ago!
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    Thanks Nicodemus and P42GDell! Such compliments keep me motivated :D

    I hope to finish the TCP/IP Suite TechNote today...
  • AnthonyJD81AnthonyJD81 Posts: 187Member
    Not that it is a big deal...but just thought I'd mention the Ports practice exam you have has one small typo...

    5. Which port is used by the Poin-to-Point Tunneling Protocol?
    a. 443
    b. 159
    c. 1701
    d. 1723
    e. 80

    For those who don't know the answer...take the test and find out icon_wink.gif
  • AnthonyJD81AnthonyJD81 Posts: 187Member
    One other thing....I didn't notice any port information in any of your TechNotes....are you planning on adding them or prolly not?

    Here are the ones I think that are most important to be familiar with FYI to anyone trying to learn them: maybe you could incorporate these into your TechNotes Johan?

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    Thanks for spotting the typo. fixed.

    As for the well-known ports: 6 post above this one I mentioned the next TechNote in line: "TCP/IP protocols and their well-known ports (IP/TCP/UDP/SMTP/HTTP etc. etc.)" ;)

    It is going to be a single TechNote covering the TCP/IP suite instead, including protocols and service and addressing as well as the port numbers and why they exist, it'll be ready before the end of the weekend for sure.

    Here's a list of more ports in an other post by Cross: www.techexams.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=97
  • AnthonyJD81AnthonyJD81 Posts: 187Member
    Woops, I completely forgot about that post...duh icon_lol.gif ...sorry

    Man, that link you posted..wow, what a whole lot of ports :o
  • CrossCross Posts: 234Member
    Too many ports indeed. I came across them when I was reviewing some notes on Network+, a good time ago
    I'll change highways at the crossroads, I'm going only where I desire.

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    it'll be ready before the end of the weekend for sure.
    I should have learned by now not to give myself deadlines drunken_smilie.gif

    For those waiting for it, I'll need a little more time to finish this TCP/IP TechNote. icon_wink.gif
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    Here it is: TCP/IP Suite TechNote

    I'm not completely happy with it myself and I'll probably do a rewrite on this topic before I put it all together in the PDF, I'm also going to include the following objectives in this same TechNote later this week:

    2.7 Identify the purpose of the following network services (e.g. DHCP/bootp, DNS, NAT/ICS, WINS, and SNMP)

    4.8 Given a scenario, predict the impact of modifying, adding, or removing network services (e.g., DHCP, DNS, WINS, etc.) on network resources and users.

    After this "WAN Technologies" and then the "7-layer OSI model TechNote".

    Johan :D
  • foggyfoggy Posts: 3Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    I like your Technotes,they are clear and to the point.They make a good exam preparation tool.


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    Thanks Foggy :D

    Wow, is this month flying by or what... its been almost two weeks already since the last TechNote for the Network+ exam, but I'm working on a couple of new ones of which the first should be finished within a day or so, as well as some new practice questions...

  • dancoudancou Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    First post. What a great site! Happened upon it on friday. Am studying for my Net+ right now, hope to test in the next week or 2 so this is
    a really big help to me. Passed my A+ hardware 1-15 and the OS
    1-27 Thanks again for such a great site.
  • randycgazrandycgaz Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Just found your notes. Very informative. I passed the the A+ tests last month, and am studying for the Net+ now.
    I got the MCP for W2Kpro last year.
    What do you think, should I go for the 70-215 and 70-218 to try for the MCSA or should I skip the rest of the Micrsoft stuff and go for the iNet+?
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    Thanks for the compliment guys :)

    I'm almost done with the next TechNote, currently trying to figure out how to explain frame relay without throwing around an overload of abbreviations and details you don't need to know for the exam ;)
    randycgaz wrote:
    What do you think, should I go for the 70-215 and 70-218 to try for the MCSA or should I skip the rest of the Micrsoft stuff and go for the iNet+?

    Personally I would go for the MCSA, you might be able to get a better (read: more rewarding) job with that one. I consider i-Net+ to be a good 'extra' cert, but it doesn't compare to MCSA...
    I would do both :D if I would have the opportunity, but I would start with MCSA.
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    OK, here's the next for the Network+ series:
    WAN Technologies

    Related to the exam objective:
    2.11 Identify the basic characteristics (e.g., speed, capacity, media) of the following WAN technologies:
    - Packet switching vs. circuit switching
    - ISDN
    - FDDI (Covered in the Media and Topologies TechNote)
    - ATM
    - Frame Relay
    - Sonet/SDH
    - T1/E1
    - T3/E3
    - OCx

    I was planning on doing the OSI Model TechNote next, but I'm going to do a short one one IPX/SPX, NETBEUI and AppleTalk first....

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    Change of plans again... I want to cover every single Exam Objective CompTIA lists for the NET+ exam and as I'm going through them one by one I notice a lot of overlap... also I'm not sure the eventual PDF will have the same chapters in the same order... maybe I'll separate some TechNotes into several or combine some more later, but here's what will follow in the next couple of weeks, in somewhat random order:

    - Addition to the TCP/IP Suite TechNote to cover network services (Exam Objectives: 2.7, 4.8 )
    - 7-layer OSI reference model (2.2, 2.4)
    - Operating Systems and Protocols ( 2.3 (minus TCP/IP), 3.1 and 4.4 and maybe 3.2 and 4.11)
    - Remote Access (2.12, 3.7, 4.3)
    - Security Protocols (2.13)
    - Proxies and Firewalls (3.8, 3.9, 3.10)
    - Fault Tolerance, Distaster Recovery (3.5, 3.6)
    - NAS (3.4)
    - Tools (4.5)
    - Network Support icon_scratch.gif (4.6 4.9 4.10 4.12)
    - And last but not least dosens of new practice questions...

    Comments would be welcome.

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    Finally finished the OSI model TechNote icon_bounce.gif

    There's a lot of 'OSI' on the web already so I tried to write something useful and primarily directed to the network+ exam objectives, I hope I succeeded in trying...

    Comments/critics anyone?
  • RussSRussS Posts: 2,068Member
    Very good presentation.
    Maybe a little bit more in-depth than the Comptia Net+ exam demands, but I have always thought that was a little light in some areas.
    FIM website of the year 2007
  • milomoraimilomorai Posts: 3Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    This is one of the best sites I have seen for exam prep and your tech notes seem to be concise and easily assimilated. Have had my A+ for 2.5 years and just started on Network+. Also planning to get MCP in 2kPro - don't know if I want to tackle 2KServer this year. Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you guys, for the great compliments.

    I've been a little busy with other things the last couple of weeks (studying for Sec+), but a new Network+ TechNote is on it's way, it will cover these objectives:

    2.12 Define the function of the following remote access protocols and services:
    - RAS
    - PPP
    - PPTP
    - ICA

    2.13 Identify the following security protocols and describe their purpose and function:
    - IPsec
    - L2TP
    - SSL
    - Kerberos

    I hope it'll be finished today or tomorrow... icon_rolleyes.gif

  • ghaoufghaouf Posts: 317Inactive Imported Users
    that would help alot thank you
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    Ok, here it finally is, the Remote Access & Security Protocols TechNote

    Although it's not a long one, I think it should cover the exam objectives I listed in my previous post thoroughly enough for the Net+ exam... any comments would be appreciated :)
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    I just finished creating printer-friendly version of the Network+ Technotes, you can find a link on top in each TechNote.

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    Just added a new TechNote covering the AppleTalk protocol suite:


    A bit extensive maybe, but once you know this you won't have to worry about stumbling on appletalk questions on your exam. :D

    Let me know if you think I should add or change anything,

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    Next in line is the Network Services TechNotes, it will cover DHCP, name resolution (DNS/HOSTS, WINS/LMHOSTS) and probably NAS and SNMP.

    Soon! icon_wink.gif

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