**My CCIE R&S Video Lab Tutorial Thread**

I am creating videos to help reinforce my knowledge on all the CCIE R&S topics and to share with those who are also wanting to learn more. Here is the link:

YouTube - bowlersp's Channel

I only have several topics at the moment covered in videos, however as I am now concentrating 100% on my CCIE studies the number of videos will be increasing pretty regularly. Now I must mention that these videos are not very well scripted and I have not planned out all the topics and things I want to cover before hand. They are on-the-fly videos covering topics that I am wanting to lab. So please, no bashing my training skills as they are not the best. I am definately no Jeremy Cioara :] I hope that over time they will get better.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I will be updating this thread regularly as I create more labs. So sit back, enjoy and all criticisms are welcome. Anything I can do to get better I will try. Thanks for looking.


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