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Since the topic 'jobs' is becoming a bigger issue these days, I want to provide a list with sites that offer computer related jobs. Please reply to this message with your favorite job sites. Here are a couple I know:




  • jaffas21jaffas21 Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□ is a good site in the uk as is

    i got my job at IBM through job site
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    Thanks for the links Johan...appreciate it!

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  • ZumpelZumpel Posts: 53Member ■□□□□□□□□□ --> has sites for different markets like etc. -> for those who want to get some overseas experience

    loads of call centre jobs, though...
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    Here is a Site I found:

    Look at the "Jobs Listed in last 5 days". Its mainly U.S. Government work that I can it should pay decent.
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    Thanks for the links :)

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    This one I've used for a while now:
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    In the UK: <--- with some good advice on CVs, Interviews etc <--- got me my first job! :D

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    New Zealand


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    For the U.K bro's icon_cool.gif
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    I guess this thread is a bit old...thanks for all the great links. Here is
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    Provides a map of the UK IT jobs market, identifying the level of demand for particular IT skills with a guide to the average rates offered.
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    Here's another one:


    Seems to have a good amount if IT jobs, need to register to check details though.
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    Any Canadian sites anyone know of?
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    do these sites really work?? I have applied to a bunch of jobs on monster, dice, and hotjobs!! and no response
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    You can always check for graduate packets from you local Universities or Tech. schools. Let them do all the work from you.
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    here is a good one:
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    you can set up a custom search engine that emails you jobs that match your criteria.
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    longshot wrote:
    Here is a Site I found:

    Look at the "Jobs Listed in last 5 days". Its mainly U.S. Government work that I can it should pay decent.

    I work for this company in the UK!
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    Click on your state or city and then happy searching.
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  • RTmarcRTmarc Posts: 1,082Member => Searches almost all job search engines for specific titles. Very helpful!
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