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    IN USA - any US government related positions Americas Job Bank -- civilian & military temp & temp-to-permanent oil rig / energy company related jobs

    I am currently in the running for a job on USAJOBS and currently have a part-time job through Manpower Professional, so I know these work. :D
  • techEDtechED Member Posts: 55 ■■□□□□□□□□ for ppl in sout florida
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    longshot wrote:
    Here is a Site I found:

    Look at the "Jobs Listed in last 5 days". Its mainly U.S. Government work that I can it should pay decent.

    I would steer away from CSC from what most ex-employees tell me.

    Here was the exact reply I got when I asked a friend...

    "CSC is a worst place than
    , They have been losing contracts to SAIC and NorthGroup. After I left, they were sued by their techs and lost several million in the class action suit. It is a sweatshop and would not be in my list of choice companies. They give you ethics training, but continually push you to charge more hours to the customer. You have to enter your hours daily pressing keys on a touchtone phone and ....

    Had enough? Avoid it if possible."

    However maybe its only CSC San Diego...

    Good tip is to ask around about companies.
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    I've never been more pleased with my career since "joining the team":
    Mikey B.

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    Any Canadian sites anyone know of?

    IT headhunters...
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    The job site on here isnt a job site. Its a business trying to sale you their products. Its a post in this forum
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    Ever try or ? Good stuff.
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  • pwochnick1pwochnick1 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□ seems to be similar to craigslist for employment. I found a number of IT related listings.
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    Any Canadian sites anyone know of?

    I just thought I should post it here for everyone else too:
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  •[email protected] Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□ has a good IT section. I receive automatic updates from a number of Irish job sites and this one consistently advertises more positions. (At the time of writing 4300+ IT jobs which is'nt bad for a relatively small country).

    Good luck with the job hunting,

    Mike. email addresses for IT Professionals.
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    Lifehacker has also recently put up a job board:
  • jtwoods0601jtwoods0601 Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□ is pretty good also. Everey now and then I see jobs in of all places, is out of the norm but hey if you find what your looking for grab it.
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    Any part time jobs as a It Administrator? I am talking about uk.....I am a student to Metropolitan University and I thought maybe I can find a part time job as a administrator, since I have some experience in computers....and I had worked about 3 years as well....
    Developers Place
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    for those of you that live in san diego county
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    My company is looking for a QUALITY Windows Network Admin. Must possess windows server 2k3 administration skills, backupexec, symantec SEP and also knows his/her way around a cisco pix/asa and setup site to site VPNs.

    We are located in Oak Brook, IL. PM me for more info.

    Position filled.
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    With all the good feedback on this site, those in the UK especiallly.
    I apply to about two or three jobs a week, never heard anything back from any one of them. icon_exclaim.gif
    Leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth now, is it my lack of commercial experience, or does my resume need re-working. With no feedback I don't know. icon_confused.gif:
    Due to my lack of exoerience, how am I going to get any if no-one gives me a job????? icon_mad.gif
    My CV has been changed more times than I care to remember. icon_cry.gif
    So as to where the problem lies I have no clue. icon_confused.gif
    Needless to say I've stopped using jobsites altogether, just concentrating on gaining the quals, so I'll be the most under experienced over qualified corpse in the ceme try :o
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    for another uk job site try out

    Careers & Jobs
    Want to find IT Jobs? has 1000's of UK Jobs, including Jobs in IT
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    A very cool place like but for jobs
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    Another good one is
    "Trying to do today's jobs in IT with the tools we used for yesterdays IT jobs is madness"
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    LOL! I thought that site meant, careers and job sucks
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    My friend actually found his current job through, and he loves it so I agree with iburrows
    People who search for IT Jobs typically find Jobs in IT
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    My company in Oak Brook, IL is searching for a senior .NET developer.....if anyone is interested PM me.
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    pLuhhmm wrote: »
    LOL! I thought that site meant, careers and job sucks

    I read it the same way :D
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  • LTParisLTParis Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□ - Job Search for Technology Professionals seems to be the go-to-place for tech jobs. I have had the most positive responses from just posting my resume.

    In the DC area other good sites to mention are Washington DC Area Jobs & Careers: Find Your Perfect Job, Search Now! and on occasion you can find an interesting post up on craigslist: washington, DC classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events

    In the NY area there seems to be more quality jobs at and Yahoo! HotJobs - Thousands of jobs. Find the right one. and on occasion Network of Local Job Boards can have some worthy jobs.

    Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed is a great aggregate engine.

    Find Jobs. Build a Better Career. Find Your Calling. | quality has seemingly suffered over the years. It's still good pratice to post, but I have had few quality leads from there.
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