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    Looking for an entry level IT job in the San Antonio area. got my A+ and will be attending WGU starting January 1st for the IT-Security degree, so I should have my Network+ and Security+ as well in less than 6 months.
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    indeed as worked well from me as well as

    2017- NEED PMP
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    Can anybody recommend computer related job sites for freelance or people who would like to work remotely?
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    colstar wrote: »
    Can anybody recommend computer related job sites for freelance or people who would like to work remotely?
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    Elegyx wrote: »
    Pelo Alto?
    lol thanks
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    Does anybody has positive experience with career fairs?How does it work?How can I approach to the employers and explain my self in few minutes?

    Or are they just a waste of time?

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    I have attend maybe 1 job fair in my lifetime. If you can get your resume on several job boards (,,, etc) and UPDATE them monthly (refine it OR do small edits), then your resume will become "a new resume" posted for the recruiters and you will get hits if you have the experience/degree/certifications for the position. If you don't update it, then you will notice not many calls or emails.
    CompTIA A+, Network+, i-Net+, MCP 70-210, CNA v5, Server+, Security+, Cloud+, CySA+, ISC² CC, ISC² SSCP
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    shochan wrote: »
    I have attend maybe 1 job fair in my lifetime. If you can get your resume on several job boards (,,, etc) and UPDATE them monthly (refine it OR do small edits), then your resume will become "a new resume" posted for the recruiters and you will get hits if you have the experience/degree/certifications for the position. If you don't update it, then you will notice not many calls or emails.

    good trick thank you!
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    FYI, my company is looking for a Network Engineer in DC/VA/ MD area - w/ at least 3 years of experience in T-shoot Network layer 2 and layer 3. CCNA is a must, CCNP is nice to have, college Degree is required. If no CCNA, must be able to show knowledge, you'll be tested by our CCIE guys anyway....

    This will be in a NOC environment but this is NOT a NOC job, more like Network Engineer Mid-level job

    Work is located in a Adelphi, MD but may have to go to Largo, MD (near Fed Ex field) occationally.

    NO clearance, but will need background check. Full time direct employee w/ all the beenies.

    It's a nice and supportive work environment w/ no one to micro manage you- as long as you do your job and be on top of it. Also need to be able to get along well w/ others.

    E-mail your resume to JgreyzATyahooDOTcom Thanks and Good luck!
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    Be nice to know what kind of jobs these are, Full Time direct employee? Contract W2 staffing agency? Contract 1099?
    Still searching for the corner in a round room.
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    A+, N+, and Sec+ with no experience. Currently located in the Bay Area and willing to move for an Entry Level opportunity.
    WGU: Network Operations and Security - COMPLETED
    Current Certifications: A+, N+, S+, CCNA R+S, and CCNA Security, CCDA
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    We just started a big (for us) college intern / recent grad intern hiring push:

    [FONT=&amp]Engineering Intern (Canton, MA)
    Legal Intern (Canton, MA)
    Marketing Intern (Canton, MA)
    Embedded Software Engineering Intern (Carlsbad, CA)
    Field Applications Engineering Intern (Carlsbad, CA)
    Systems Engineering Intern (Carlsbad, CA)
    Validation (Test) Engineering Intern (Carlsbad, CA)
    Software Engineering Intern (Eden Prairie, MN)
    Recruiting Intern (Irvine, CA)
    Software Engineering Intern (Irvine, CA)

    More info here: [/FONT]
    LinkedIn - Just mention you're from TE!
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    IT jobs abroad with relocation packages + extensive information about the countries to relocate to (visa requirements, housing, taxes, etc.).
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    Northern CA tech here looking to get into the scene/field. I have my Associates degree and A+ certification and also a week out from my Net+.

    Looking to either find a Job in the 95928 area (I have searched all given sites in this forum), or network with other people so that I have an idea of who is hiring so I have a little bit more advantage. I have had 40+ interviews over the last year for IT, and nothing has panned out because other candidates had the degree and A+/Net+. At this point, I am just looking for help getting into the scene.
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    Currently seeking an entry level support position in the Raleigh, Charlotte, or Atlanta area. I have an bachelors degree, but zero experience. If anyone has any leads, please feel free to PM me.
  • OpenSourceOpenSource Member Posts: 135
    Hey guys, I'm looking for any leads on IT work in the Phoenix/Mesa area of Arizona.
    Not looking for call center work, contract is fine but I prefer W2 over 1099.
    A permanent direct hire position would be ideal, but those are hard to find out here.

    Would prefer something outside the realm of tech support/break fix, but I will take whatever I can get (with few exceptions, like call centers).
    I have my A+, an Associates in IT, and a few years of experience in the tech support field. I worked at Intel for nearly 3 years as an IT service contractor, but I hit the ceiling and left that job in March.

    After taking a short break (a few months) from IT, I'm looking to get back into an IT role.

    Any help would be appreciated. And yes, I'm already using LinkedIn, Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, even Craigslist.
    But it never hurts to network and have more options.
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    thanks for the links
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    If any of you have a choice do not work for a MSP unless you like non-stop tickets, working 9-10 hours a day straight with little down time and working weekends for free on a lower than industry salary.
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    TechGromit wrote: »
    Is this a premium only service? $29.99 is a tad steep for me, especially when I'm already employed, and only have a passing interest in what opportunities are available. I might pay $29.99 a year, but there no way in hell the side is worth $360 a year for there services.

    Sorry I did not answer this when you asked the question. Maybe you found out, but it's $30 per month only for premium services which tbh is kinda pointless. It didn't help me get any jobs, but to apply for jobs on Linkedin itself is always free.
    Working on: A+, MCSE Server 2012
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    hi guys
    now a days so many peoples to work at a software/IT company'S.
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    Got a call the other day about a job in the north shore area of Pittsburgh. I don't know what the company is but have worked with this recruiter in the past. If anyone is interested PM me and I can get you in contact with the recruiter. Nothing in it for me but the recruiter has been good to me so just returning the favor. Here is the job description I was given. I have no other info so you would have to talk to the recruiter.

    Position: IT Security Analyst
    Pay: $40-45 an hour – this is a long term contract to possible hire
    Location: north shore
    • Access Management
    • Many different layers of access, would need someone fairly versatile.
    • They are a Microsoft shop so MCSE, MCSA and Comptia are helpful
    • CISCO is also helpful with a CISSP as they could be doing some Cisco work too
    • Any Cloud Experience is a huge plus!!

    • Analyzes and defines security requirements for information protection.
    • Defines and develops security policies and monitors cloud-computing regulations.
    • Analyzes the sensitivity of information, performs vulnerability and risk assessments based on defined sensitivity and information flow.
    • Designs, develops, engineers, and implements solutions for projects such as biometrics, smart cards, secure remote access, VPN, Intrusion detection, port scanning, web security and vulnerability assessments and remediation.
    • Responsible for the overall security of the system and the security of the resources associated with processing functions.
    • Ensures system adherence to the agency’s IT security program, implements IT security certification and accreditation processes, and assures the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability for all agency information in the system while it is processed, stored, and/or transmitted electronically.
    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline; Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, and IT Security professional certification would be preferred.
    • Minimum of 5-8 years of experience in information protection.
    • At least 5 years of experience in defining security programs or processes for the protection of sensitive or classified information
    • MCSE, MCSA and Comptia a plus
    • CISSP a plus
    • Cloud experience is a huge plus
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    Hello All,

    I am looking for a new opportunity in the L.A Area as a Network Admin/Engineer or Operations. I recently moved to North Hollywood, CA from Boston, MA.

    My past experiences include; Network Operations Engineer 2 at Boston University and Network Analyst at a Health Care company. I have 4 years of experience in the Networking field and a year in a System Support role.

    I currently have CCNA, JNCIA and MCSA (Windows 7) and working on CCNP.

    If you have a position that might fit my brief experience description please message me and we can share more info, resume, etc.

    Thank you
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    Anyone knows any good european job boards?
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    x12319x wrote: »
    Anyone knows any good european job boards?

    I'm using as they have a various domains for every country. This is an aggregator for lots of job platforms.
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    Thanks for all the great links
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    I've been living in NYC and its great! Jobs are everywhere. from Helpdesk to Senior Engineer positions.
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    Might be interested in this opportunity:
  • pierrevillerespierrevilleres Member Posts: 26 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks for sharing.
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