Job Title History! Let's have fun with this :-)

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Alright guys, let's delve back DEEP and do a job title history. We don't need to reveal a whole lot of personal information, but I thought it would be neat to see where everyone came from and where they are now.

1. Paper Boy (As a kid)
2. Deli Worker
3. Grocery Bagger / Cart Pusher
4. Deli Worker
5. Dish Washer
6. Night Stocker
7. Hotel Front Desk
8. Program Manager Assistant
9. Help Desk Technician
10. Customer Service
11. Telecommunications Roaming Support
11.5 Vounteer PC Repair Technician
12. Cell Phone Electronic Repair Service Technician
12.5 Volunteer Network Support Technician
13. NOC Techncian I
14. NOC Technician II
15. Associate Technical Support Engineer (Telecom, Tier 3)

I had to edit mine as I forgot some items!!
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  • EuclidJonesEuclidJones Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    That WOULD be neat. Alright. here goes :

    1. Seasonal UPS Driver's Helper
    2. Data Entry Clerk
    3. Data Entry | Same job,
    4. IT Specialist | different title.
    5. Scripter
    6. Junior Programmer
    7. AI Programmer
    8. Automation Specialist
    9. Freelance Programmer

    My next job title will probably be something in the Help Desk. I really want to work towards something in SA. Programming is fun, but doing it as my primary job function sucked all the fun out of it for me.
  • wweboywweboy Member Posts: 287 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Dish washer
    Tree Trimmer
    Help Desk Analyst
    IT Analyst
    IS Support Specialist
  • EveryoneEveryone Member Posts: 1,661
    Ok lets see...

    1. Lifeguard
    2. Head Lifeguard
    3. Assembler
    4. Computer Product Specialist
    5. Merchandising Specialist
    6. Project Specialist
    7. Help Desk Technician
    8. Systems Administrator
    9. Network Security Manager
    10. Senior Systems Administrator/Lead Messaging Systems Administrator
    11. Systems Administration Manager
    12. Exchange Administrator

    #13 is hopefully soon to come. ;)

    I should mention 11 and 12 are concurrent... 11 is part time....
  • TurgonTurgon Banned Posts: 6,308 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Systems Administrator
    Network Manager
    IT Manager
    Network Designer
    Network Architect
    Lead Technical Architect
  • odysseyeliteodysseyelite Member Posts: 504 ■■■■■□□□□□
    1.) Bag Boy
    2.) Stocker (Grocery)
    3.) Electronic Sales (Target)
    4.) Programmer\ system admin (small 4 person domain)
    5.) Night Audit (Hotel)
    6.) Foxpro Programmer
    7.) Help Desk
    8.) Network Admin (layoffs 4 months later)
    9.) Helpdesk (contract)
    10.) Network administrator
    11.) Desktop Support Analyst
    12.) System Admin\ Desktop Level II

    Getting away from helpdesk and desktop has been tough. A true network Admin role is in the mix as we speak.
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    Produce Store Employee
    Junior Machinist
    Restaurant Host/Carry out/Expo
    It Assistant
    NOC Technician
    System Administrator
    Network Administrator
    System Administrator
    Technical Lead/Systems Engineer
    Senior Systems Engineer
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    You may learn something!
  • hiddenknight821hiddenknight821 Member Posts: 1,209 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Daycare Worker
    Roofing/Mason contractor assistant
    Vaccum pumps custodian
    Technical Support Specialist Intern
    Student Tutor
    Student Lab Manager
    Jr. Systems Analyst Intern

    The first three jobs were job I had before I went to college after HS graduation.
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    Turgon wrote: »
    Systems Administrator
    Network Manager
    IT Manager
    Network Designer
    Network Architect
    Lead Technical Architect

    I wish my first job when i was 15 was a systems administrator....

    1. Bus Boy
    2. Host
    3. Server
    4. Bartender
    5. Lab consultant
    6. Application Administrator
    7. Jr Project Engineer
  • VAHokie56VAHokie56 Member Posts: 783
    what a cool idea...

    High School
    1) Cook: Making burgers at BK
    2) Theater associate: umm I cleaned and watched movies at Regal all day
    3) Appetizer chef
    4) Bus boy
    5) Game Host : Lazer Tag...played every single game, I could MERC anyone by the end of the summer..icon_twisted.gif

    After College (Degree in Turf grass Management)
    1) Turf Supervisor
    2) Area Manager (same Landscaping company)
    3) Install Estimator (landscaping)
    4) Real estate agent
    5) ISP help desk technician
    6) Desk side Support Technician
    7) Network Engineer
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  • EuclidJonesEuclidJones Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    How did some of you get into IT? Was it something you always wanted to? Sudden Calling? Pushed into it?

    I'm really curious now
  • VAHokie56VAHokie56 Member Posts: 783
    How did some of you get into IT? Was it something you always wanted to? Sudden Calling? Pushed into it?

    I'm really curious now

    I had always been a closet techie/online gamer with a love for computers . When the real estate market took a giant **** I got suckered in by a for profit school to get a degree in IT network security...I think that's what they called it. I never finished the degree but it got me moving towards Cisco and the rest was all down hill.
    "A flute without holes, is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a Danish" - Ty Webb
    Reading:NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures
  • HypntickHypntick Member Posts: 1,451 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Bag Boy
    Retail Clothing Sales
    Line cook
    Assistant kitchen manager
    Communications assistant
    Network analyst
    Network Engineer
    WGU BS:IT Completed June 30th 2012.
    WGU MS:ISA Completed October 30th 2013.
  • xenodamusxenodamus Member Posts: 758
    Age | Position

    14 - Construction helper
    15 - Warehouse stocker
    16 - Burger Flipper
    16 - PC Repair Tech
    21 - IT Instructor/Administrator
    24 - Desktop Support Analyst
    25 - Network Engineer
    CISSP | CCNA:R&S/Security | MCSA 2003 | A+ S+ | VCP6-DTM | CCA-V CCP-V
  • XcluzivXcluziv Member Posts: 513
    1 - Cook
    2 - Burrito Builder/Cashier/Grill Master
    3 - Bandsmen
    4 - Work Study Assistant
    5 - Regional MIS Assistant - Intern
    6 - CRM Lead - Intern
    7 - IT Support Specialist - Intern
    8 - IT Architect
    9 - Systems Analyst I

    8 and 9 are concurrent roles


  • EveryoneEveryone Member Posts: 1,661
    How did some of you get into IT? Was it something you always wanted to? Sudden Calling? Pushed into it?

    I'm really curious now

    I grew up with computers at a time when it was uncommon to grow up around them.

    I had a Commodore 64 when I was 5, then an 8088, a 286 laptop with a purple and grey monochrome screen, couple 386's, 486's etc. It was my dad's hobby. Aside from the Commodore 64 and laptop, I helped my dad build the rest of the PCs. I learned BASIC and wrote a bunch of little programs by age 8. I knew my way around DOS and Windows 3.1 pretty well... beta tested 95, 98, 2000, and XP, as well as a few different versions of IE.

    I was on a bunch of BBSs before the "internet" and "WWW" as people know it now ever existed. When the WWW came out I taught myself HTML and made some simple web pages for about $50 per page for a couple local dial-up ISPs when I was only 16, which was the first time I ever made money doing anything IT related.

    In my later teenage years, I dabbled in some hacking, and taught myself *nix systems. Did a lot of dumb stuff that probably could have landed me in jail, including something that ended up on 2600. Luckily I never got caught.

    Sounds really nerdy/geeky so far right? Well I actually wanted to be Air Force Special forces, either a Pararescuman, or a Combat Controller, or a SERE Instructor. IT was my second career choice. I found out that I am partially color blind during my entrance physical, which disqualified me from a lot of things, but still left IT open for me, so I went for IT.

    I had an interest in working with electronics, and still do that as a hobby whenever I can, but it is difficult when you can't tell the difference in color between some wires and components. icon_redface.gif
  • BokehBokeh Member Posts: 1,636 ■■■■■■■□□□
    High School:
    Tv Repair

    Military (USAF)
    Communications-Computer Systems Operations Apprentice
    Communications-Computer Systems Operator
    Communications-Computer Systems Supervisor
    Small Computer Help Desk Supervisor

    Computer Sales
    Computer Sales Manager
    Employment Counselor
    OEM Computer Sales
    IT Manager/Customer Service Manager
    Tier II Wireless Support/Desktop Technician
    Help Desk Analyst
    IT Systems Support
    Goldmine Administrator

    last two are concurrent.
  • NOC-NinjaNOC-Ninja Member Posts: 1,403
    1. Computer Analyst
    2. Quality Assurance III
    3. Software Validation Engineer
    4. Network Operator III
    5. Network Analyst
  • vColevCole Member Posts: 1,573 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Job Title & Age
    1. Cashier - 16
    2. Computer Sales Specialist - 19
    3. Help Desk Technician -21
    4. IT Support Specialist -22
    5. IT Support Specialist II - 22
    6. Network Analyst -23
    7. IT Consultant - 24
    8. Engineering Support Systems Administrator - 24
  • hackman2007hackman2007 Member Posts: 185
    1. Lab assistant at my school
    2. Community Manager for a website
    3. Blogger/writer for a popular website
    4. Online support for the parent company of the above website
    5. System Engineer
  • myedjo24myedjo24 Member Posts: 92 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Age 16-18

    *Crew Member (Jack in the Box)
    *Laborer (Construction Company)
    *Laborer (Bucking Alfalfa)
    *Health Care Specialist (Some how got a job taking care of severely mentally disabled people)

    Age 19-23
    *Marine (Data Network Systems Specialist)
    *Call Center Rep (working with 8xicon_cool.gif
    *System Administrator
    *Security Analyst
  • shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    Grocery Bagger
    navy Firecontrolman,
    Navy Information Systems technician
    Voip Support Engineer 1
    Sr NOC controller
    Network administrator 4
    Network Engineer 1
    Senior UC Support Engineer
    Currently Reading

    CUCM SRND 9x/10, UCCX SRND 10x, QOS SRND, SIP Trunking Guide, anything contact center related
  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    Here's a summary including a little bit of info to show the progression

    1. 3D animation/video production tech (hobby while in high school; once in college it landed me a gig with their TV production unit)
    2. Back office (clerk crap, not the MS product) at a family gas station
    3. Kinko's type place - took care of 60 computers. mostly imaging and adding ram, drives, etc.
    4. Desktop Support Tech for multinational pharmaceutical (1st IT enterprise job)
    5. Desktop support Tech at newspaper (very hands on, learned a lot about networking)
    6. Desktop Support Team Lead (learned managing people is not for me)
    7. Windows Systems Administrator (same company as previous job, they kept coming to me for desktop support stuff, not fun. However, got to learn about vSphere, SANs, DR, replication. red tape by the pallet)
    8. Windows Systems Administrator (another company, lots of research and cool projects. great opportunity to bring solutions to the table. no red tape)
  • arwesarwes Member Posts: 633 ■■■□□□□□□□
    1.) Bag boy
    2.) Courtesy Clerk (same thing as bag boy, just 25 cents more than minimum wage!)
    3.) Janitor
    4.) Cashier
    5.) I have no idea, I worked at a heavy equipment rental store
    6.) Cashier
    7.) Part time assistant to data processing teacher @ trade school
    8.) Network Provisioning Coordinator (quoted T1's & frame relays for sales offices)
    9.) Seasonal help (Toys R Us)
    10.) Cashier
    11.) Customer Service Rep (ISP)
    12.) Internet Client Support Tech (yet another ISP)
    13.) Customer Service Rep (prepaid phone company)
    14.) Computer Operator
    15.) IT Operations Support Technician
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  • undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818
    Let's see how well my memory works ...

    1. Web Designer/IT Tech
    2. Janitor
    3. Graphic Designer
    4. Cafeteria Worker
    5. Receptionist
    6. Lab Technician
    7. Building Surveyor
    8. 2Wire Level 1 Support
    9. Contract Worker
    10. AutoCAD Drafter
    11. Contract Worker
    12. Dell Level 2 support
    13. Systems Administrator
    14. Senior Systems Administrator
    15. Senior Engineer (current)

    Looking back my IT career didn't truly kick off until number 12. Thank you Dell contract!
    Jumping on the IT blogging band wagon --
  • instant000instant000 Member Posts: 1,745
    1. Landscaping Engineer (a.k.a. Grass Cutter)
    2. Lab Technician (Chemistry) (College #1)
    3. Lab Technician (Computer) (College #2)
    4. Information Systems Operator/Analyst (U.S. Army)
    5. Senior LAN Manager (U.S. Army)
    6. Network Engineer (Private Sector)
    7. Network Administrator (Private Sector)
    8. Systems Integrator (Defense Contractor)
    9. Network Security Engineer (Defense Contractor) ... start next Monday
    Currently Working: CCIE R&S
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  • snokerpokersnokerpoker Member Posts: 661 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Bus boy/restaurant beeeyotch (high school)
    Computer Technician
    Noc Technician
    Jr Systems Administrator
    Staff Engineer
  • onesaintonesaint Member Posts: 801
    1. CSR for retail clothing
    2. CSR for Printing / copier company
    3. coffee barista
    4. Auctioneers Assistant
    5. Asst. Manager - coffee shop
    6. Jr. Accountant
    7. contract PC building / repair / lan wiring
    8. Jr. Systems admin
    9. Systems Admin / Accounting @ an SMB
    10. Systems Admin

    My father was always dabbling in computers and electrical gadgets (the old kits from the 70/80s as well as PCs). Around 20 I took a computer apart and put it back together. From that point, I was in love. =^)
    Work in progress: picking up Postgres, elastisearch, redis, Cloudera, & AWS.
    Next up: eventually the RHCE and to start blogging again.

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  • jtoastjtoast Member Posts: 226
    Stockboy Grandmothers grocery store
    Gas Station Attendant Fathers gas station
    Aircraft Refueler USMC
    Fast Food worker Arbys (Lasted 30 days)
    Fast food worker Burger King (I lasted 30 minutes before I quit)
    Insurance Salesmen
    Medic (US Army) Desert Storm
    Video Store Manager
    New Car Salesmen
    Telephone tech support/technical sales for various companies
    Contract Software Packager (first real IT job. Was laid off when department was outsourced to India)
    Onsite Tech for several local small businesses...part time while I job hunted
    Level III support analyst (current)
  • crrussell3crrussell3 Member Posts: 561
    1. Paper boy
    2. Grocery Store (bagger, checker, customer service)
    3. Burger flipper
    4. Radio Shack battery slinger
    5. Laser Engraver/Trainer
    6. CAD Technician
    7. CAD/IT Technician & AutoCAD Programmer
    8. Mechanical Technician (Engineer without degree)
    9. Engineering Assistant
    10. Hardware Analyst
    11. Network/Systems Administrator
    MCTS: Windows Vista, Configuration
    MCTS: Windows WS08 Active Directory, Configuration
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