CISSP in San Francisco today



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    Congratulations Iris! I told you that you'd pass! And congratulations to the rest of you as well. Yours is among the last of those who have to wait for their results. Be happy for the new batch taking the CBT, as they are not going to age 10 years while they wait for the test. Maybe ISX went CBT because they were afraid someone was going to sue them for pain and suffering and mental anguish! :)
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    Congrats to everyone who just received their good news! I just took Training Camps boot camp and tested on June 10 in Tacoma Washington. We thought it might be computer-based, but we found out a couple of days before the test that it would still be on paper. So now I'm doing the waiting game too. I will try to put it out of my mind until the middle of July. At least your posts have let me know what to expect at this time, and simply resign myself to waiting.

    I unsubscribed from ISC2's marketing email . . . now I wait. Again, congrats to all of you, and I'll keep you posted on our timeframe for results. There were 10 in our class, and 9 of us tested. We started at 8:51 and I finished at 2:04. I went carefully and methodically. I think 4 finished before me (but they were younger! LOL).

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    SO, the TEchnet forum world is wondering if Iris is silent today because she is taking the day off from work after throwing herself a party last night?
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    kalkan999 wrote: »
    SO, the TEchnet forum world is wondering if Iris is silent today because she is taking the day off from work after throwing herself a party last night?

    She got chocolatey wasted, lol
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    I wanna Get Chocolate Wasted!
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    Ha. Not a big chocolate fan and no time for me to get wasted :*( I've just been working non-stop and haven't had a free moment to celebrate.

    On an amusing note, it looks like I won't have to be an associate of ISC2 for as long as I thought I would be. I spoke to someone at ISC2 because I worked as a security guard many moons ago for about a year and a half. She said that it could count towards my physical domain if I was guarding server rooms. For at least 6 months of that time I was and I was issuing ID cards to access the server room. That combined with my other experience should land me my CISSP around July or August. I called up all my old employers, verified dates, got the right phone numbers for references, etc and my endorser should be submitting the form to me within the next week. Fingers crossed!
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    Congratulations to everyone who passed the CISSP exam! icon_cheers.gif

    I think I've worn out the user reputation button dishing out rep to you all!
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    Thanks, JDMurray. I really appreciated your blogs. They really helped guide the way as well :)
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    Congrats to everyone!

    We apologise for the delay, ISC2 was installing my new net connection.
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