70-480 - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

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I took the beta exam for the 7-480 (Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3) last week and wanted to give my thoughts on it. I won't go into any details due to the NDA but I will say it was smaller than other betas I have taken part in. I don't think I passed. But that was not due to any difficulty of the exam itself. It was more due to lack of time for me to prepare. Although web development is a component of my job duties my company does not have any intentions of even considering moving into HTML5 until the middle of next year. For this reason I had not given it much attention until I received the beta exam announcement - and with just 3 days to prepare for the end of the exam period.

I crammed the best I could during those 3 days. but it just wasn't enough time to cover all the topic. IMO, if you already know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including some jQuery) and you have two weeks to prep for the exam, you will find the test easy. The questions were not "tricky" and were very representatuve of the objectives.

Here is a collection of tutorials and other information arranged by the published exam objectives. In compiling this if I placed more than one link for a resource there was usually a motive. Either I thought the concept was difficult or important on the exam or I thought it was very practical and therefore needed to be mastered.

General Reference

icon_arrow.gif MSDN HTML5 Reference

icon_arrow.gif Pluralsight (paid developer training - excellent resourcce)

Implement and Manipulate Document Structures and Objects (24%)

icon_arrow.gif HTML5 Semantic Tag Reference (w3 Schools)

icon_arrow.gif Using HTML5's New Semantic Tags Today

icon_arrow.gif Better Web Forms with HTML5 Forms

icon_arrow.gif Introducing the HTML5 storage APIs

icon_arrow.gif How to Use HTML5's Local Storage Tools Today

AppCache API


icon_arrow.gif Offline Web Applications

icon_arrow.gif Go offline with application cache

icon_arrow.gif Running your web applications offline with HTML5 AppCache


icon_arrow.gif Geolocation API Specification

icon_arrow.gif 12 Cool HTML5 Geolocation Ideas

icon_arrow.gif Finding your position with Geolocation

"this" in JavaScript
Javascript - The this keyword
Understanding the "this" keyword in JavaScript

icon_arrow.gif Get a serious book on JavaScript like JavaScript: The Good Parts

icon_arrow.gif Creating custom objects in JavaScript

icon_arrow.gif JavaScript Create Your Own Objects

Implement Program Flow (25%)

icon_arrow.gif JavaScript Switch Statement

icon_arrow.gif JavaScript If...Else Statements

icon_arrow.gif JavaScript For Loop

icon_arrow.gif JavaScript Try...Catch Statement

icon_arrow.gif JavaScript Throw Statement

icon_arrow.gif Scope in JavaScript

icon_arrow.gif Understanding callback functions in Javascript

icon_arrow.gif Getting comfortable with Javascript callbacks


icon_arrow.gif Introducing HTML5 Web Workers

icon_arrow.gif HTML5 Web Workers

icon_arrow.gif WebSockets - Just plow through this site and learn as much as possible.
WebSocket.org -- A WebSocket Community


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