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    are there updated notes?
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    Printer friendly link does not seem to work. I had read old posts (2003) about them being moved to a new server, but can not find how to access the printer friendly page
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    New to the site, but the A+ is my first test I will be taking. Thank you for these great resources, they will help me a lot I know it.
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    im new here..just wanted to say thanks for the information.
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    is there any major changes in the comptia A+ 701-702 certification test since last year

    hey i'm also getting prepare for the comptia A+ 701-702 so if you want to study together let me know
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    Hi tombell I am studying for the 701 on february the 14th Do you want to study together... I am going to take one exam then the other... I have a plan to get all the certifications for ComTIA this year or some of them If you want to join me it will be wonderful.

    My study plan

    Whoever wants to join can join in any stage of the Journey. Please don’t make negative comments whoever makes negative comments is because Is jealous. Critics and advice accepted.

    Buy a book on the certifications or go to the local study library and study the latest edition on the Certification for three hours every day.

    Study Plan
    1. Read a new chapter every day and comprehends concepts in that chapter.
    2. Review the Chapter studied the day before and comprehend.
    3. Review practice test and review chapter of the CD-ROM portion Every day.
    4. By the end of everyday study make sure to learn and understand the concepts before finish the two hours of study.
    Repeat steps 1,2,3 for the rest of the days left to the test.

    January 30th and February 1st

    Today I have studied

    2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Exam 1 chap 1-4 practice test.

    8:30pm to 9:50 Exam 1, 220-701 practice. Scored 94%

    9:50 pm to 10:16pm reviewed the Exam 1, 220-701 practice

    10:17 pm to 10:40 pm exam 1 220-701 Final Exam. Scored 97%

    10:40 pm to 10:45 pm exam 1 220-701 review.

    Studied Total hours 3 hours.

    February 1st I expect to repeat previous material and add new material:

    Previous material

    Read Chapter 1 and 2, 35 pages
    Exam 1 chap 1-4 Practice test.
    Exam 1 chap 1-4 Final test.
    Exam 1, 220-701 - Practice test
    Exam 1, 220-701 - Final

    New material
    Read Chapter 3
    Exam 2, Chap 5-8 - Practice
    Exam 2, Chap 5-8 - Practice Review
    Exam 2, Chap 5-8 - Final
    Exam 2, Chap 5-8 - Final Review
    Exam 15, 220-702 - Practice
    Exam 15, 220-702 - Practice Review
    Exam 15, 220-702 - Final
    Exam 15, 220-702 - Final Review.
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    Diggin this forum! You guys are all very knowledgeable and i'm learning a lot here. Although I asn't really worried about the A+ exams before, I certainly am not now with a resource as powerful as this place...Thanks a bunch!!
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    lerafe wrote: »
    Printer friendly link does not seem to work. I had read old posts (2003) about them being moved to a new server, but can not find how to access the printer friendly page

    Same issue here.
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    Hi guys,

    Thank you for posting these tech notes, they have been extremely useful. I start my studying for the comptia a+ and mcitp through a company soon and have just been plowing through a+ information and stumbled upon this! It is fantastic! I've only scanned them so far and my printer has just run out of ink... arrr...

    I just noticed that the Free practice exams for MCSE MCSA CCNA and A+ certifications thread could do with some updating if these files are still supported and updated?

    I don't know how up-to-date the others are I only noticed because I know more about internal hardware and cpu's than anything else at the moment :)

    thanks, Ali Hill

    EDIT: Looking at them a few ofthem need updating, especially with the new 801 and 802 exams due for release but I guess these aren't maintained any more.
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    Thanks for these TechNotes just joined the site a couple weeks ago and am in the process of getting my AAS in Computer Information Technology - Network Administrator and Support (CCNA - Track) at North Lake College here in Irving, Texas. I should of done all this when I was in the Army for 6 years cause I messed with alot of routers, switches, and cisco IP phones for 3 years and 15 months of that in Iraq doing it and I had a blast learning.

    So the experience is there but now I need the credentials to follow and will be first working on getting the A+ cert while obtaining my degree.
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    Hello,thanks for the simplified explanation on printers.Am currently preparing for A+ 220-801 and 802 and i found the printers explanation very complicated to grasp in a way.Oh yes,and i have noticed that in this book they have added a daisy wheel printer which also fall under impact printers but its not as complicated though.
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