This is called seriously failing an interview

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This cracks me up.

It would be interesting to see if they recouped any of the lost time in wages.  It has to be very frustrating getting a candidate in who is not even close to the task.

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    I guess the "fake it 'til you make it" didn't work in this case...
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    Probably fictitious, but we all wish we could do that.

    1) isn't that the purpose of your hiring process to find qualified candidates, and not just pick from the cream of the crop that 100% meets your requirements and then some?

    2) makes me wonder who is more ignorant, the applicant or the three people who took 2 hours to "immediately" know the applicant was unqualified.

    3) calling someone unqualified so harshly in writing over what could possibly be just a bad interview on applicant's part is a good way of losing more than just money.
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    I wonder if this is their core business model.  Post a bunch of job application, don’t prescreen candidate well, and then send them an invoice.  Somebody needs to find the company and do the exact same thing to them.
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    So, the head of HR is involved with every interview?
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    It was supposed to be funny.......     :/
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