voucher4you.com is a ripoff!!!



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    I know this is kind of an old thread, but I just got my final denial from the CC company because he wrote back and said there was no fraud. So i lost $120.00 and that is that.

    I did a quick google and came across this address. I just thought I would post it here for record keeping. I can't imagine that there is more than one Shambhu Kaphle in Japan.

    :: BPO Station ::

    US Office :
    2040 Main Street Suite
    126 Santa Clara,
    CA 95050
    Tel: 510.579.0990

    Japan Office :
    Mr. Shambhu Kaphle
    Estate Hayakawa # 202,
    Yawata Shinmachi, 2-1-40,
    Chita-Shi, Aichi-Ken,
    478-0052, JAPAN.
    MOBILE: 81+090-1159-6878
    OFFICE: 81 + 562-36-1105
    FAX: 81 + 562-36-1105
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Also found some old whois info:

    Administrative Contact: SHAMBHU KAPHLE
    [email protected]
    G.P.O.BOX # 8975
    EPC # 1334
    KATHMANDU, Nepal

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    I wouldn't give up yet, your CC company are being a**holes. If you paid for something with your CC but didn't receive it then you have every right to protest it. Threaten closing your card, and don't forget to keep playing Sam. I hear he is hard to get ahold of but he has been decent about refunds.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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