9 Day's to First R&S Lab Attempt

MrDMrD Member Posts: 441
Well, the real countdown to my lab attempt is here. I'll be flying to San Jose next Wednesday so I don't have to worry with travel problems, because my lab is on Friday (the 7th).

I feel very confident and ready to rock it out. I, of course, am not so high that I'll be crushed if I don't meet with success. I have 2008 mapped out. I figure I have time for 3 solid attempts this year (if needed). That will give me plenty of time in between attempts to brush up on whatever the previous attempt deemed was a weak area.

I have put in an estimated 1600 hours of study/lab time over the last 14 months since I began my R&S lab studies. Yes, basically I have absolutely no life outside of CCIE & work. The previous year I passed the CCNA & CCNP.

Anyway, my nerves are starting to shake a little bit, but nothing to worry with. I'm trying to decide what to focus on this weekend. I don't feel I necessarily have any weak points, so I reckon I'll just do a couple labs and maybe watch a few CoD's. Of course, I'm sure some weak points might show up on my score-card! Well, hopefully not.

No worries, I'll let everyone know what they serve for lunch! :):)


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