TechExams Newsletter: November 2019

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Hey there, TechExams! It’s time for November’s edition of our monthly newsletter! In this post, I will be featuring ten posts from the past month that I think you would find value in. This ranges from a collection of beginner cybersecurity advice, to AWS certification discussions, to a conversation about working from home! Please enjoy our top posts from October.

Job duties and responsibilities in a SOC

Cybersecurity sounds like a rewarding career path, but you may be wondering what they actually do. This thread discusses what kind of day-to-day responsibilities you can expect in an entry-level security role.

Brand new to IT and trying to learn

To a newcomer, IT can be an intimidating field due to the complexity and vast breadth of specialities. Check out this discussion for a great collection of advice on how to take that first step and what goals you should aim for in your first few years!

CySA+ Beta Exam

CompTIA is updating the CySA+ exam in quarter 2 of 2020, which means the beta exam is out now! What does that mean for you? Check out this thread for a full rundown and analysis by our TechExams members!

Why choose an AWS certification, and which one should I choose?

With the rise in popularity of cloud certifications, it can become a hassle to keep track of all the new certifications that come out and which ones are worth picking up. TechExams user Cochi78 gives a great summary of everything you need to know in this thread!

Pursue CISSP or go for Azure/GCP certs?

The CISSP has always been regarded as the best thing you can do for your resume, but with cloud experts being in such high demand recently, does that change the game at all? Check out this discussion for some insight from our members!

CCSP Exam TIps

Thinking about taking the CCSP soon? Start here with some tips from some current cert holders in the community! Whether it’s to study more about AppSec, focus on certain domains, or simply mentally prepare, there’s some advice for everyone!

Which job titles count as direct experience for CISSP?

As you may know, the CISSP requires five years of cybersecurity experience in order to earn the certification. However, that experience must map to one of (ISC)2’s eight domains, but does the specific job title actually matter?

Challenges you face working from home full time?

Working from home is usually valued very highly when looking for a new position, but it can come with some downsides as well. Face-to-face interaction, motivation and work/life balance can all take a big hit if you’re not careful. Share your experience in this discussion!

Mobile security - What are you using, if any?

With the growing mobile threat landscape and more frequent newsworthy vulnerabilities, it might be time to consider using an antivirus product on your mobile devices. For some insights and recommendations, be sure to visit this thread!

How NOT to interview

While it’s always helpful to know what to do, sometimes knowing what not to do is just as beneficial, even if only for a good laugh. In this thread, Iristheangel shares an amusing video and story about someone who tried to lip sync a Skype interview.

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